Stockton's Wing   •   Beautiful Affair: A Stockton's Wing Retrospective

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  • Beautiful Affair: A Stockton's Wing Retrospective
    • 2020 - Tara, Universal Music Ireland 0859760 CD [x2]
  • CD One
    1. Beautiful Affair (Michael Hanrahan)
    2. Walk Away (Michael Hanrahan)
    3. The Humours of Clonmult (Michael Hanrahan, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    4. Bold Donnelly [Song] (Tony Callanan, Kieran Hanrahan, Tommy Hayes, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    5. Jig Mayhem! (Maurice Lennon, Eamon McElholm & Paul Roche)
    6. Letting Go (Eamon McElholm)
    7. Beneath the Shade (Michael Hanrahan)
    8. The Golden Stud (Kieran Hanrahan, Michael Hanrahan, Tommy Hayes, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    9. Skidoo (Steve Cooney)
    10. Ceile Swing (Steve Cooney, Kieran Hanrahan, Michael Hanrahan, Tommy Hayes, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    11. Cunla (Trad.) — w/The Dubliners
    12. Now I'm Easy (Eric Bogle) — w/The Dubliners
    13. The Master's Daughter (Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    14. Aaron's Key (Michael Hanrahan, Peter Keenan, Maurice Lennon, Davey McNevin & Paul Roche)
    15. Lonesome Road (Michael Hanrahan & Maurice Lennon)
    16. The Belltable (Kieran Hanrahan & Maurice Lennon)
    17. Austin Tierney's, Hughie Travers' & Jenny's Chickens (Traditional)
    18. The Humours of Tulla: The Bucks of Oranmore [Reels] (Traditional)
    19. Chasing Down a Rainbow (Michael Hanrahan)
    20. Eastwood (Maurice Lennon)
  • CD Two
    1. New Clare Revival (Kieran Hanrahan, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    2. Hey Marsha (Michael Hanrahan & John Walsh)
    3. Over the Moors (Kieran Hanrahan, Michael Hanrahan, Peter Keenan, Maurice Lennon, Paul Roche & John Walsh)
    4. So Many Miles (Michael Hanrahan)
    5. Full Flight (Kieran Hanrahan, Michael Hanrahan, Peter Keenan, Maurice Lennon, Paul Roche & John Walsh)
    6. In Our World (Michael Hanrahan & Paul Roche) [Studio Version]
    7. Sally Lennon's (Ben Lennon) [Studio Version]
    8. The Mason's Apron (Traditional) [Studio Version]
    9. We Had It All (Michael Hanrahan)
    10. Avondale (Michael Hanrahan)
    11. Southern Cross (Michael Hanrahan)
    12. Run for the Gold (Shay Healy)
    13. Lucy Campbell's (Traditional)
    14. Clamdiggers (Kieran Hanrahan, Michael Hanrahan, Maurice Lennon & Paul Roche)
    15. Polkas: Spare Leg Polka, Kangaroo Polka & Leitrim Rambler (Steve Cooney, Kieran Hanrahan & Maurice Lennon)
    16. Slipslide (Steve Cooney, Kieran Hanrahan & Paul Roche)
    17. Saint Patrick Was a Gentleman (Traditional) — w/ Christy Moore [Live at the Abbey Tavern]
    18. My Darling Asleep & Sonny Brogan's (Traditional) [Live at the Abbey Tavern]
    19. Lasagne (Traditional) [7" Version]
    20. Black Hill (Michael Hanrahan) [Live in Ennis]
    21. The Drops of Brandy (Traditional) [Live in Ennis]

  • Musicians
    • Paul Roche: Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Flute, Saxophones, Clarinet, Backing Vocals & Percussion
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle, Violins, Viola, Percussion & Backing Vocals
    • Kieran Hanrahan: Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion & Backing Vocals
    • Tommy Hayes: Bodhran, Percussion, Jews Harp, Bones & Spoons
    • Tony Callanan: Vocals & Guitar
    • Mike Hanrahan: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
    • Steve Cooney: Bass, Didgeridoo, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
    • Fran Breen: Drums & Percussion
    • Jonathan Ryan: Vocals
    • Vincent Kilduff: Whistle
    • Billy Whelan: Keyboards
    • Tony Molloy: Bass Guitar
    • Peter Keenan: Piano, Keyboards, Accordion & Vocals
    • John Walsh: Bass Guitar
    • Noel Eccles: Percussion
    • Carl Geraghty: Saxophone
    • Greg Boland: Electric Guitar
    • Robbie Casserly: Drums & Percussion
    • Davey McNevin: Banjo & Mandolin
    • Mel Mercier: Bodhran & Bones
    • Eamon McElholm: Lead Vocals, Guitar Cello & Keyboards
    • Rod McVey: Hammond Organ & Keyboards
    • Brendan Begley: Accordion
    • Paul McSherry: Guitars & Backing Vocals
    • Stephen Byrnes: Drums
    • Karol Lynch: Banjo, Mandolin & Backing Vocals
    • Tara Breen: Fiddle
    • Anton Davis: Keys
    • Aldoc: Percussion
    • Christy Moore: Vocals
    • The Dubliners
  • Credits
    • Album Project Managed & Art Directed by Stan Roche
    • Mastered by Aldan Foley at Masterlabs, Dublin
    • Mastering Assistant: Shaun Downey
    • Designed by Gary Baker
    • With special thanks to P.J. Curtis, Tommy McGann, Oliver Barry and John Cook
    • With thanks to Barbara Galavan, Mark Crossingham, Nick Younger, Allan Coffey, David Harris, Darren Redmond, Aisling Flood, Vicky Moran, Gerry Gallagher at & Stan Roche
  • Track Sources
    • Tracks: 3, 4 & 18 are from Stockton's Wing (1978)
    • Track: 17 is from Take A Chance (1980)
    • Tracks: 37 & 38 are from RTÉ TV Series Christy Moore & Friends — Live At The Abbey Tavern (1980)
    • Tracks: 1 & 10 are from Beautiful Affair & Ceile Swing [7"] (1981)
    • Tracks: 2, 7, 8, 16 & 33 are from Light in the Western Sky (1982)
    • Track: 9 is from Themes From Beyond The North Wind [7"] (1982)
    • Track: 39 is from Walk Away & Lasagne [7"] (1982)
    • Tracks: 26-28 are from In Our World [7"] (1983)
    • Tracks: 32 are from Run For The Gold & Chicago Set [7"] (1982)
    • Tracks: 21-25 & 30 are from Full Flight (1986)
    • Tracks: 11 & 12 are from The Dubliners — 25-Years Celebration (1987)
    • Tracks: 31 & 34-36 are from Celtic Roots Revival (1988)
    • Tracks: 13-15 & 19 are from The Crooked Rose (1992)
    • Tracks: 5, 6 & 20 are from Letting Go (1995)
    • Tracks: 29 are from We Had It All [digital single] (2019)
    • Tracks: 40 & 41 are previousy unreleased and were Recorded Live At Me West County Hotel, Ennis (2019)

Sleeve Notes

Stockton's Wing is a band of brothers bound by two rules: create great music and entertain those who come to the dance. This colourful collection of songs and tunes spans four decades and represents the soundtrack to our musical life. In compiling it, we aimed to capture the best of the 'The wing' including a few rarities and some tracks not commercially released before now. It's been a privilege putting it together reminding us of wonderful times, creative, exciting and captivating. Along the way we made great friends and it's a real delight to present the collaborations with Christy Moore, the Dubliners and Shay Healy. It's also an opportunity for us to thank all of those talented musicians, producers and engineers who jumped on and off the bus throughout our musical journey and helped us create that glorious 'Wing' sound.

Stockton's Wing 'A Beautiful Affair' is for all of you who have been with us through the years and for those who have just joined us on the journey.

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it.

'We had it all we had the best of times we had a life that dreams are made of'

Mike Hanrahan