Moving Hearts   •   Discography

"Moving Hearts had started playing together in The Baggot Inn, Dublin 2 in February 1981. That first line-up comprised Christy Moore, vocals, guitar and bodhrán, Dónal Lunny on bouzouki and synthesiser, Declan Sinnott on electric guitar, Eoghan O'Neill on bass, Brian Calnan on drums and percussion, Davy Spillane on pipes and low whistle and Keith Donald on various saxophones. The band attracted huge attention for its blending of musical influences — folk, Irish traditional, rock, funk and jazz — as well as its commentary in the songs sung by Christy Moore on issues of concern in the areas of human rights and political skullduggery. After many changes of personnel — nineteen people have played or sung in the band — the decision was made to concentrate on instrumental music and to follow on from The Storm, the influential album of 6 instrumentals that was recorded after the band ceased regular gigging in 1984."