The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell   •   Discography

The Corrie Folk Trio was founded by architects, Bill Smith and Ron Cruikshank, after returning from a song collecting trip in Ireland. The duo were joined by a banjo player named Andy Turner and formed the group, "The Corrie Voices". Andy Turner dropped out of the group and eventually Roy Williamson and Paddie Bell were recruited. Ron Cruikshank fell ill prior to the group scheduled performance as the Edinburgh Festival, and Ronnie Browne was asked to joined.

In 1964, the Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell (CFT & PB) became the resident folk group on the BBC's "the Hoot'nanny Show". In 1965, Paddie Bell left group to have her child and later pursued a solo. The group continue for another year until Bill Smith left in January 1966. Roy & Ronnie continued on as a duo, shortening their group name to The Corries.