The Yarkon Trio (Gesher Hayarkon)   •   The Yarkon Trio

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  • The Yarkon Trio
    • 1968 - Capitol DT 10511 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Siman She'ata Tsair (It's a Sign That You're Young) (Yosi Gamzu, Folksong)
    2. Kehula Kahalom (Blue Like a Dream) (Uri Assaf, Nurith Hirsch)
    3. Ahava Birmazim (Hinting at Love) (Hayim Hefer, Dov Seltzer)
    4. Stav Shel Ahava (Autumn of Love) (Hayim Keinan, Yigal Gordon)
    5. Ha'ir Be'afor (The Town in Grey) (Naomi Shemer)
    6. Shir Oleh (A Song Rises) (Dafna Eilat; Folksong)
  • Side Two
    1. Al Tichasi (Don't Be Mad - It's Not So Bad) (Hayim Hefer, S. Geinzburg)
    2. Hamsin (Hot Wind) (Dafna Eilat)
    3. Hakol Biglal Ha'ahava (All for Love) (Dafna Eilat, Masaposervico)
    4. Lichvodech (Just for You) (Naomi Shemer)
    5. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi (Naomi Shemer)

  • Credits
    • Prepared for release in the U.S.A. by Bill Miller
    • See the original 1966 release for additional credits …

  • Other releases include …
    • New Program (1966) [ISR]
      • With 2 additional tracks: "Krav 'Harel' (The battle of 'harel')" & "Hake'ev Hazeh (This Pain)"

Sleeve Notes

Not all of the music from Israel is "folk" or "ethnic" or even "traditional" … some of it is simply "popular" music. And among the most popular of Israel's "popular" music celebrities are three handsome and multi-talented native Israelis who call themselves The Yarkon Trio … a name which evokes as much excitement and fan adoration in Israel as The Beach Boys or The Supremes do in the United States.

  • Individually, The Yarkon Trio are:
    • Israel Gurion (cover photo, center) … a young singer and instrumentalist with a special knack for projecting the musical temperament of Israel today;
    • Benny Amdursky (cover photo, left) … the bass voiced manager of the group who is generally acknowledged to be one of his country's best "pop" vocalists;
    • Arik Einstein (cover photo, right) … an ambitious young performer who left the security of a career with the Tel Aviv Chamber Theatre in order to organize The Yarkon Trio.
  • Together, The Yarkon Trio is:
    • A small group with an enormous flair for fine "popular" entertainment;
    • A sound which is as versatile as music itself … from the spirited radiance of "It's a Sign That You're Young" to the whimsical tango-like tempos of "Hinting at Love" to the polished nightclub-routine approach of "Hot Wind" to the poignant vocal subtleties of composer Naomi Shemer's "The Town in Grey";
    • A youthful musical institution which has Israel — and now, the rest of the world — listening and enjoying.