Watt Nicoll   •   WATTcha!

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  • WATTcha!
    • 1970 - Transatlantic XTRA 1108 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Early In the Morning
    2. Weathermen
    3. Berryfields of Blair
    4. Farewell to Dundee
    5. The Whistling Duke
    6. The Whistling Duke
    7. Old King Cole
  • Side Two
    1. The Fiddler and the Dancer
    2. Paraffin Lamp Seller
    3. Morning of the Dawn Segue
    4. Pendulum Song
    5. Tribute to Burns
    6. Snatches of Conversation
    7. Wild Mountain Thyme

  • Musicians
    • Watt Nicoll with Whisky Fizz (Doreen Swan and Eddie Taaffe) and others

Sleeve Notes

image Now working with the permanent backing of the Whisky Fizz which consists of the beautiful Doreen Swan and the not so beautiful Eddie Taaffe, I am further assisted in these tracks by some of the many friends made around the folk scene. Two weeks prior to the recording they gathered together frae aw pairts! Paisley, Glasgow, Dundee, London, Edinburgh and rehearsed through what seemed like a fourteen day party. This friendly atmosphere is evident on side one where the staff and audience of the Ardencaple Hotel, Helensburgh joined in to make this a milestone in live folk entertainment. Often asked why I never perform my more serious compositions I have taken the opportunity of displaying why on side two: — I usually burst into tears — so might you, though it might be for entirely different reasons.

Watt Nicoll

With thanks to the management and staff of Ardencaple Hotel, Rhu, Helensburgh.