The Saw Doctors   •   To Win Just Once [3]

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  • To Win Just Once (3)
    • 1996 - Shamtown SAW 004 CDX (IRL)
  • Tracks
    1. To Win Just Once (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    2. Teenage Kicks [Live] (J. O'Neill)
    3. I Useta Lover [Live] (D. Carton, P. Cunniffe, L. Moran)
    4. Clare Island [Live] (D. Carton, L. Moran)

  • The Saw Doctors
    • Davy Carton: Vocals, Guitar
    • Leo Moran: Guitar, Vocals
    • Pearse Doherty: Bass, Vocals
    • John Donnelly: Drums, Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Derek Murray: Keyboards & Guiar
  • Credits
    • All tracks Produced by Philip Tennant
      • Except, Track: 4 — Produced at Sun St. Studio, Tuam, by Kenny Ralph and The Saw Doctors.
    • Additional Production and Remix: Mick Glossop (Track: 1)
    • Tracks: 2-4 were recorded live at the Preston Guildhall on March 9th, 1996.
      • Engineer: Philip Tennant.
      • Studio Manor Mobiles
    • Photography: Frank Miller (cover), Scarlet Page
    • Design and Artwork: Ted Turton and Ray O'Connor
  • Notes
    • Track: 1 appears on Same Oul' Town (1996)
    • Tracks: 2-4 do not appear on any other Saw Doctors release.

Sleeve Notes

To Win Just Once
This song is dedicated to Galway boxer, Francis Barrett, who is the first member of theCommunity to represent Ireland at the Olympics which will be held in Atlanta, U.S.A, in 1996.

Teenage Kicks
Ever since we've had the wonderful privilege of playing this absolute classic with Billy Doherty and Michael Bradley of the Undertones, we've been including it on our encore.

I Useta Lover
Sixteen years after the Blaze X version and six years after its chart-topping run in Ireland, a new coat of paint, more distortion from Davy, like it useta have when Paul Cunniffe was singing it in the Scout Hall, and Derek on lead guitar.

Clare Island
Some people prefer it live, some people prefer it recorded so here it is recorded live.