The Saw Doctors   •   Songs from Sun Street (USA)

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  • Songs from Sun Street
    • 1998 - Paradigm PME 0042-2 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Good News (Carton, Doherty, Moran, Stevens)
    2. Sugartown (D. Carton, L. Moran, P. Stevens)
    3. Galway and Mayo (Moran)
    4. Carry Me Away (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    5. Heading for the Sunshine (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    6. CatrĂ­ona Tells Lies (D. Carton, L. Moran, P. Doherty)
    7. Blah, Blah, Blah (Carton, Doherty, Moran)
    8. D'Ya Wanna Hear My Guitar? (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    9. Joyce Country Céilí Band (Carton, Doherty, Moran)
    10. High Nellie (D. Carton, L. Moran, P. Stevens)
    11. Best of Friends (Doherty)
    12. Will It Ever Stop Raining? (Carton, Doherty, Moran, Murray)
    13. Tommy K. (D. Carton, L. Moran, P. Stevens)
    14. Away With the Fairies (Carton, Doherty, Moran)
    15. I'll Be on My Way (D. Carton, L. Moran)
    16. Apples, Sweets or Chocolate [hidden track] (Carton, Doherty, Moran)

  • The Saw Doctors
    • Davy Carton: Vocals, Guitar, M'bira
    • Leo Moran: Vocals, Guitar
    • Pearse Doherty: Vocals, Bass
    • John Donnelly: Drums, Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Derek Murray: Keyboards, Accordion, Guitar
    • Padraig Stevens: Drums, Percussion
    • Seán Smyth: Fiddle
    • Anthony Thistlethwaite: Saxophone
    • Mouse Mchugh: Backing Vocals
    • Danny Healy: Trumpet, Trombone, Flugelhorn, Baritone
    • Jimmy Higgins Sr.: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Credits
    • Produced by The Saw Doctors with P. Stevens & Kenny Ralph
    • Engineered by Kenny Ralph, Sun Street Studios
    • Mixed by John Brough
      • Except, Tracks: 10 & 13 — Mixed by Kenny Ralph
    • Cover Photograph: Martin Parr
    • Additional Photography: Chris Anda, Chris Taylor
    • Designed by A+D