Ryan's Fancy   •   An Irish Night at the Black Knight Lounge

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  • An Irish Night at the Black Knight Lounge
    • 1971 - Marathon MS 2105 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. Intro By Clary Fleming — Ise the B'y
    2. South Australia
    3. Cock O' The North (Instrumental)
    4. The West's Awake
    5. Seven Old Ladies
    6. Whistle Tune - Swallow's Tail (Instrumental)
    7. Goodbye Mick
  • Side Two
    1. A Lesson Too Late For The Learning
    2. Come By The Hills
    3. The High Reel (Instrumental)
    4. Johnny Bucher
    5. Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen
    6. Goodbye Mursheen Durkin
    7. This Land Is Your Land
    8. Farewell To Nova Scotia

  • Ryan's Fancy
    • Dennis Ryan: Vocals, Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Fiddle
    • Dermot O'Reilly: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Mandolin
    • Fergus O'Byrne: Vocals, 5 String Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live at The Black Knight Lounge in Halifax by Jack Hutchison and George Taylor
    • Photos: Sherman Hines, Halifax

Sleeve Notes

Dear Boys,
I have just finished listening to the master recording of your recent "In Person" performance at Halifax's Black Knight Lounge. Wow! What can I say. You've said it all with the performance.

To say it's great, is an understatement, so we'll leave the adjectives to everybody, fortunate enough to pick up a copy of the album.

The names Dennis Ryan, Dermot O'Reilly and Fergus O'Byrne or collectively "Ryan's Fancy" will be appearing on many future album covers and all other forms of entertainment if your first album is any indication of what is to come.

Being modest boys, you probably wouldn't admit to that special ingredient you posess and have included in your Black Knight performance — that being COMMUNICATION. The audience is really with you.

The sound is one of fun, a good old fashioned Saturday Night get together. I found the album unique in that there is not one dull spot to be found. Every selection seems to have an important part to play in the show.

Dennis, you have done Tipperary proud and I am sure all Dubliners will boast of their native sons Fergus and Dermot, when they have heard this album.

Dennis, your thin whistle has never whistled as beautifully or happily. Dermot's guitar is an extension of his fun personality and Fergus, the mandolin adds a beautiful touch.

Congratulations on a great effort and best of luck in your studies at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland.

I look forward to joining you again when you perform locally.

Meanwhile, I think i will enjoy a Ryan's Fancy Show right now. You have provided that opportunity with this long play album.

Kindest regards, Clary Flemming CFDR