The Pogues   •   Pogue Mahone [CD]

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  • Pogue Mahone
    • 1995 - WEA 0630-11210-2 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. How Come (Ronnie Lane, Kevin Westlake)
    2. Living in a World Without Her (Darryl Hunt, James McNally)
    3. When the Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan)
    4. Anniversary (Jem Finer)
    5. Amadie (Andrew Ranken)
    6. Love You 'Till the End (Hunt)
    7. Bright Lights (Finer)
    8. Oretown (Finer)
    9. Pont Mirabeau (Appolinaire, Finer)
    10. Tosspint (Finer)
    11. Four O'Clock in the Morning (Ranken)
    12. Where that Love's Been Gone (Ranken, Steven Skull)
    13. The Sun and the Moon (James Clarke, Spider Stacy)

  • The Pogues
    • Spider Stacy: Vocals
    • Jem Finer: Banjo, Guitar, Hurdy Gurdy
    • Andrew Ranken: Drums, Vocals
    • Darryl Hunt: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
    • David Coulter: Baritone Ukulele, Mandolin, Shaker, Tambourine, Djembe
    • James McNally: Accordion, Piano, Uilleann Pipes, Whistle, Low Whistle
    • Jamie Clarke: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Stephen Warheck: Accordion, Mandolin and Piano (Track: 1)
    • Jon Sevink: Fiddle (Track: 2, 4)
    • Anne Wood: Violin (Track: 12)
    • Debsey Wykes: Vocals (Track: 4, 6)
    • Steve Brown: Backing Vocals (Track: 1)
    • Stephen Hague: Backing Vocals (Track: 1)
    • The Electra Strings (Track: 4, 6, 9)
      • Sonia Slany: Violin
      • Jules Singleton: Violin
      • Jocelyn Pook: Viola
      • Caroline Lavelle: Cello
  • Credits
    • Produced by Steve Brown for SARM Productions London
      • Additional production by Stephen Hague, mixed by Stephen Hague and Mike 'Spike' Drake (Track: 1)
    • Recorded at RAK Studios London by Steve Brown assisted by Shelley Saunders
    • Mixed at Raezor Studios London by Steve Brown assisted by Steve Musters
      • Re-mixed at RAK Studios (Track: 1)
    • Mastered at Metropolis Mastering London by Ian Cooper
    • "Pont Mirabeau" translated by S.E. Finer and Jem Finer
    • Cover by Darryl Hunt and Claudia Pöschl
    • Sleeve design and layout by Vichi Design
    • Pogues Portraits by Steve Pyke