Planxty   •   Timedance

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  • Timedance
    • 1981 - WEA IR 28207 EP [12"] (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Timedance:
      1. The Humours of Barrack Street
      2. Isercleran
      3. Ballymun Regatta
  • Side Two
    1. Nancy Spain

  • Planxty
    • Liam O'Flynn: Pipes
    • Dónal Lunny: Bouzouki
    • Andy Irvine: Mandolin
    • Christy Moore: Guitar, Bodhrán
  • Musicians
    • Bill Whelan: Keyboards
    • Nollalg Casey: Fiddle
    • Paul McAteer: Drums
    • John Drummond: Bass
    • Mike Nolan, Benny McNeill, Davy Martin, John Tate and Jack Boyle: Brass Section
    • Audrey Park: Concert Mistress
  • Credits
    • Engineer: Brian Masterson, Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin Studio
    • Manager: Annie Furlong
    • Studio Assistant: Pearse Dunne
    • Planxty Logo by Pat Musick
    • Sleeve Design and Photography by Bob Hobby
    • TIMEDANCE consists of three pieces:
      • The Humours of Barrack Street was learned from Junior Crehan
      • Isercleran and Ballymun Regatta were written by Bill Whelan and Dónal Lunny


This was music specially commissioned for Eurovision 1981.

According to Christy Moore, "…performing in the Eurovision. It was a truly memorable experience as Planxty played 'Timedance' for The Irish Ballet Company and 600 million Europeans went into the kitchen to make cocoa. The seed for Riverdance was sown and I got to bang my Bowrawn for Ballerinas."

"Timedance '92" was included in the (below) 1992 Bill Whelan release, The Seville Suite, performed by Planxty (minus Christy Moore)