Nigel Denver   •   Borderline

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  • Borderline
    • 1969 - DECCA LK5014 LP
  • Side One
    1. The S.N.P. (Scottish Naval Patrol)
    2. Singin' The Booze
    3. The Massacre Of Glencoe
    4. Save The Argylls
    5. The Shores Of Sutherland
    6. Guess Who?
  • Side Two
    1. Bannockburn
    2. Scotch Whisky
    3. They Don't Want To Know
    4. Culloden
    5. The Queen's Speech
    6. Workers Of The World

  • Musicians
    • Bobby Campbell: Fiddle
    • Bobby Orr: Drums
    • Brian Brocklehurst: Bass
    • Mick Darwin: Guitar
    • Jock Cummings: Percussion
    • Derek Taylor: French Horn
    • Nicky Welsh: Piano, Harpsichord, Piano Accordion & Jangle-Box Piano
  • Credits
    • Producer: Ray Horricks
    • Musical Director: Nicky Welsh
    • All songs written by Jim McLean

Sleeve Notes

Anchors aweigh.

The Scottish Nationalist M.P, for Hamilton, Mrs. Winifred Ewing, in a letter to the press, inferred that Scottish M.P.s. spend more time drinking than in attending to Scottish affairs Mr. Willie Hannan, a self-confessed teetotaller, rose up in wrath against her.

Mad Mitch is, of course, against the disbanding of the Argylls and claims that they are one of the oldest Highland regiments in existence. To prove his point, he boasts that the Campbells involved in the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds of Glencoe, were in fact Argylls! So much for our glorious heroes! It is also usually forgotten that King William of Orange signed the order for the Massacre.

See the notes on The Massacre of Glencoe.

The most important aspect of the Highland Clearances was that people were driven out of their homes and glens to make way for sheep rearing, a more profitable enterprise than child rearing In some cases they were allowed to remain in Scotland and try to exist along by the edge of the sea. Water-bailiffs were employed by the landowners to make sure the people didn't eat too many mussels as these were required for fishing bait! These poor wretches managed to keep alive by bleeding their cattle and mixing the blood with oat-meal or making soup from nettles. Thus did the great Land-Lords "improve" the lot of the Highlander!

Scotland's history is one of unparalleled treachery by her ruling classes. This, of course, is easy to understand if less easy to combat, but (tie "turn-coat" attitude displayed by the working-man after he becomes an M.P., gives his former friends the dry-boak! (N.B. There are no prizes for guessing his name)

Most Scots know all about Bannockburn, how Robert the Bruce with a smaller army, beat the superior England forces under Edward II. Many reasons have been given for this "odds against" victory. We know Bruce chose the spot carefully and stationed his men on a gentle hill above the marshy bog-land We know also that a small wood concealed more of his troops from the English cavalry and the story about the pits in to which the English fell, is legendary. However, the most important singular cause of victory was that Scotland, for once, was united under an able leader.

"Tagh do chomhluadar mu'n tagh thu d'ol". A Gaelic proverb meaning, Choose your company before you choose your drink!"

Most people who live in the Glasgow area of Scotland are either "Proddies" or "Papes" "Rangers' supporters" or "Celtic supporters" "Orange" or "Green" or, in other words, they went to different schools, Protestant or Catholic! "Divide and rule!" said Machiavelli in the 16th century, and Glasgow and Scotland are proving him correct once again.

After Charles Edward Stuart's unsuccessful attempt to march on London, he was pursued northwards by the Duke of Cumberland, "the Bloody Butcher". By the time their armies came into conflict at Culloden on April 16th, 1746, the Highlanders were reduced to mere skin and bone; starved and ill-equipped, they were no match for Cumberland's well-fed, trained soldiers. To fight on open ground was also folly on Charless part as his men, armed with claymores and dirks, were mown down by Cumberland's cannon long before they got within striking distance Culloden should be remembered as the murder of the Highlands and not as a romantic, heroic battle.

There is a rumour going around that Prince Philip is due to make an official visit to England!

My nationalism is that of the indigenous native of subjugated territory fighting the imperialist power. Karl Marx said, "A nation which enslaves another cannot itself be free so it is therefore in the interest of all Englishmen to support the movement for Scottish Republicanism.

Jim McLean, 1969