The McCalmans   •   Where The Sky Meets The Sea

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  • Where The Sky Meets The Sea
    • 2002 - Greentrax CDTRAX 232 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Women O' Dundee (Sheena Wellington)
    2. Highlands Tomorrow (Ian McCalman)
    3. Applecross Bay (Nick Keir)
    4. Voice of My Island (Menzies, Paul)
    5. Gallant Murray (Trad. Arr. The McCalmans)
    6. Galway To Graceland (Richard Thompson)
    7. Farm Auction (Enoch Kent)
    8. Wild Old Tune (Hamilton, McCalman)
    9. Laerke's Tune, The Stuttering Songbird & Seals or your Money Back (Nick Keir)
    10. The Fishing Days (Campbell Gunn)
    11. Rise Rise (Trad. Arr. The McCalmans)
    12. Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)
    13. The Spinner's Wedding (Mary Brooksbank)
    14. The Last Leviathan (Andy Barnes)
    15. Running Home (Nick Keir)

  • Musicians
    • Hamish Bayne: Concertina (Tracks: 2 & 8)
  • Credits
    • Recording and graphic design by "Kevock Digital", Midlothian.
    • Design layout by John Slavin
    • Photos by "Castle Photographic", Edinburgh.
    • Cover and inlay photo taken on Bute, over looking the Isle of Arran, half a mile from where Ian's father was born.

Sleeve Notes

Every summer we set off on a tour of the Highlands of Scotland, playing in village halls, taking dawn ferries from foggy harbours, drinking in the scenery and taking the occasional pint after the show, usually with half the audience joining us. For many years Stephen Quigg was part of that tour and now he is one of "The McCalmans". It seemed natural that the songs on this, the first CD with Stephen, should reflect so much the world we visit on that tour... fishing boats and harbours, upland farms and half-forgotten battlefields, never far from the coast, where the sky meets the sea.


This is the first McCalmans' recording without founding member Derek Moffat, who passed away on October 21, 2001, at the age of 54. Stephen Quigg joined the group as Derek's replacement.