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  • Keepers
    • 1999 - Greentrax CDTRAX 174 CD (UK)
  • Tracklist
    1. Keepers (Nick Keir)
    2. The Back of The North Wind (Brian McNeill)
    3. Our Glens (Buff Hardie, George Donald)
    4. Strong Women Rule Us All with Their Tears (Brian McNeill)
    5. Back O'the Aisler (Derek Moffat)
    6. Nowhere Else to Go (Nick Keir)
    7. Yellow on The Broom (Adam McNaughtan)
    8. Birnie Bouzle (Trad. Arr. The McCalmans)
    9. The Birks Of Invermay (Trad. Arr. The McCalmans)
    10. Star O'the Bar (Davy Robertson)
    11. Here's A Health Tae The Sauters (Davy Steele)
    12. Battle of Waterloo (James Malcolm)
    13. The Soor Milk Cairt (Thomas Johnstone)
    14. Let Us Drink and Go Hame (Trad. Arr. The McCalmans)

  • The McCalmans
    • Ian McCalman, Derek Moffat & Nick Keir
  • Credits
    • Production: The McCalmans
    • Recorded: Kevock Digital, Lasswade. January-February '99
    • Engineer: Ian McCalman
    • Front cover: "Eddystone Lighthouse" by C. Stanfield RA and W.B. Cooke SC
    • Photographs & sleeve design: Ian McCalman & Antony Thrasher

Sleeve Notes

Keepers — The last lighthouse keeper in Scotland was replaced by automation in March '98.

Back o the North Wind — There is a European legend of a land behind the North wind … Scotland perhaps?

Our Glens — From "Scotland The What?", a show of incisive sketches and songs a Scottish treasure!

Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears — Flora MacDonald from South Uist, the lady that helped Prince Charles Edward Stewart escape to Skye.

Back O' The Aisler — "The Back O' The Aisler" is a series of coves between Kirkcaldy and Dysart which Derek (Moffat)remembers from his childhood.

Nowhere Else To Go — Written for a children's book, "The Green Umbrella ".

Yellow on the Broom — "The Travelling People" take to the roads in Spring, when yellow comes to the broom.

Birnie Bouzle — From the singing of Aggie Stewart of Banff, apparently based on the "Birnie Bouzle" of James Hogg.

Star O' The Bar — Times remembered.

Here's A Health Tae The Sauters — A song about the collection of sea water for salt. Davy (Steele) comes from "The Pans".

Battle of Waterloo — Scotland supplied many of the soldiers for "Waterloo".

Soor Mulk Cairt — From "101 Scottish Songs", the bible.

The Birks O' Invermay — The favourite song of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Ferguson.

Let Us Drink and Go Hame — A version of "My Heart s In The Highlands " from an old collection. "The Songs Of Scotland"