The McCalmans   •     House Full

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  • House Full
    • 1976 - Transatlantic XTRA 1166 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Ye Jacobites
    2. Coasts Of Barbary
    3. I's The Boy
    4. Kora
    5. Mine (Unknown)
    6. Awa Whigs Awa
    7. Dingle Regatta & A Little Village
  • Side Two
    1. Farewell The Faroes (Ian McCalman)
    2. Sweeter Than Sugar (Mills Bros.)
    3. Aikie Braes (G.S. Morris)
    4. Diamond – The Folk Tale?
    5. Boat Song
    6. Proposal & Acceptance
    7. Tim McGuire (Leon Rosselson)

  • The McCalmans
    • Derek Moffat
    • Ian McCalman
    • Hamish Bayne
  • Credits
    • Produced by John Whitehead and The McCalmans
    • Photography and design by Castle Photographic Edinburgh
    • All tracks: Trad. Arr. The McCalmans, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

THE GROUP: in front photograph left to right: Ian McCalman, Hamish Bayne, Derek Moffat.


AGES: 29, 28 and over 21!

PLACE OF BIRTH: Edinburgh College of Art. Scotland.

COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE: Britain, Denmark, Germany, South America, Holland, Sweden, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Malta, France, The Faroes, Gibraltar, etc....

PROFESSION: Musicians-honest!

HEIGHT: Three T.V. series. Royal Albert Hall, Cleethorpes Folk Club, helicopter arrival at folk festival and 6 ft. 3 in.

DEPTH: Falling into puddle after helicopter landing at folk festival and being helped up by old woman and thirty cameras.

COLOUR OF EYES: Red, brown and blue-each.

COLOUR OF HAIR: Red, brown and receding hair indicates virility.

PHYSICAL PECULIARITIES: Ian McCalman, Derek Moffat and Hamish Bayne.

Many thanks to:
Dave Moses for session bass, answering back and buying a round in 1972 (somewhere on frontcover).
Peter Lodge for engineering and scissoring (somewhere on front cover).
John Whitehead (TRANSATIANTIC) for being there and not yawning.
A.N. other engineer for blowing into the microphones.
Castle Photographic, Edinburgh, for again producing an exciting cover.
Mick Noble for arranging the concerts and selling the ice cream.
The Phoenix Theatre staff for always cooperating and holding back the fan.
The audience without whom this truly live l.p. would be truly dead.
Our parents without whom we would not have been possible.
Ann Dex our manager for promising us a holiday in 1978.
The hole in the middle for keeping this record from skidding across your room.
The HOUSE FULL sign is, fortunately, a familiar notice at our gigs today. This album is for the mad few who find room to give us-coffee to bring us round-friendship to keep us going, and ! whose houses, for us, are never full.

TO: Alan, Pat, Mick, Wendy. Hanne, Ellen, The Burns, Sandy, Lindy, Arthur, Ruth, Stan, Chris, Kristian, Ann, Geoffrey, Helle, Rod, Karsten, Hanne-Laure, Mike, Pat, Jorgen Eric Dave, Linda, Christine, Peter, The Hoydals, Trevor, Ann, Don, Mary, Alan K, Dave, Skeets, Seán, Mac and hundreds of others.