The Johnstons   •   If I Sang My Song

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  • If I Sang My Song
    • 1972 - Transatlantic TRA 251 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. The Wind In My Hands (Paul Brady, Chris McCloud)
    2. Won't You Come With Me (Paul Brady, Chris McCloud)
    3. Border Child (Paul Brady, Chris McCloud)
    4. If I Sang My Song (Paul Brady, Chris McCloud)
    5. December Windows (Paul Brady)
  • Side Two
    1. I Get To Thinking (Chris McCloud)
    2. Continental Trailways Bus (Paul Brady)
    3. Bread And Wine (Adrienne Johnston/Chris McCloud)
    4. You Ought To Know (Paul Brady, Chris McCloud)

  • The Johnstons
    • Adrienne Johnston: Lead Vocals & Harmonies
    • Paul Brady: Lead Vocals & Harmonies, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Harmonium, Whistle
  • Musicians
    • Backing Vocals: Tm Hart, Royston Wood, Paul Brady
    • Bass: Rick Kemp
    • Piano: Don Fraser
    • Flute: Frank Nolan
    • Quiet Kazoos: Peter Abrahamsen, Hallvard Kvale
    • Congas: Keith Bleashv
    • Fiddle: Joseph Templeton
    • Drums: Phil Chesterton
  • Credits
    • Produced by Chris McCloud
    • Arranged and conducted by Don Fraser
    • Engineer: Jerry Boys
    • Recorded at Sound Techniques Studio, London
    • Album sleeve designed and art directed by John Asheroft
    • Photography by Angus Forbes
  • Other releases include …
    • The Johnstons (1972, USA)
      • The American release includes 1 additional track: "The Morning Of Our Love".

Special thanks from Adrienne, Paul and their producer, Chris, to Jerry Boys and Don Fraser, and also to others (listed alphabetically) who helped in various ways to make this album possible in its present form: Peter Ash, Malcolm Davis, R. J. Farrant, Vivien Friedman, Kenny Goldstein and his loving family, Edward Oldman, George Peckham, John Smith, and unalphahetically last (because he has done most), George Lee God bless him, God bless them all