The Ian Campbell Folk Group   •   Ian Campbell Folk Group "Live"

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  • Ian Campbell Folk Group "Live"
    • 1974 - Hørekiks HKLP 12 LP (DNK)
  • Side One
    1. Colliers Rant
    2. The Praties the Grow Small
    3. When I First Came to This Land
    4. The Barnyards of Delgaty
    5. Over the Water to Charlie
    6. The Ballad Of Albert Perkins (Ian Campbell)
  • Side Two
    1. Come Kiss Me Love (Ian Campbell)
    2. Tina Sizwe
    3. Down in the Coalmine
    4. I loved a Lass
    5. Cho Cho Losa
    6. Viva la Quince Brigada
    7. Goodnight Irene (H. Leadbetter)

  • The Ian Campbell Folk Group
    • Ian Campbell: Vocal
    • Lorna Campbell: Vocal
    • Brian Clark: Vocal, Guitar
    • John Dunkerley: Vocal, Banjo, Guitar
  • Credits
    • Producer: Walther Klaebel
    • Recorded: 23rd January 1974
    • Technique: Quali-Sound
    • Photos: Kjeld Klok
    • Lay-out: John Ovesen
    • All tracks: Trad., unless otherwise noted.

Sleeve Notes

Having done it — at last I now find it difficult to understand why we released more than twenty LPs before we recorded a live performance to a club audience. It was our dear old mate Walther Klaebel of the Danish Music Centre who made the decision for us. "I know two Campbell Groups" he said; "The one on your records, which is musically disciplined, formal, a little tense; and the other one the club audiences see, which is friendly, sweaty, boozy, funny, relaxed and much wore fun . That is the one I would like to have on record." So we went with him to Aarhus, a town that holds a special place in our hearts, where Peter Max runs one of the best clubs in Europe, and there at Tagskaeget we let it all hang out. The audience there know us so well that they often make requests not just for songs but for favourite jokes, and they were so enthusiastic and friendly that they almost made the record for us. We performed for four hours and enjoyed every minute, and though we have space on this record for only a of those minutes I think if will give you some idea of what happens when, the Campbell Group and a few hundred friends get together.

Ian Campbell

Collier's Rant — A popular traditional song from the mining communities or Northumberland in the Northeast of England.

The Praties They Grow Small — Collected in America, this song dates from the middle of the last century when potato blight caused a famine in Ireland which reduced that country's population by a third.

When I First Came To This Land — One of the most popular of all American pioneering Songs, if was made equally popular in Britain by the recordings of that beloved and inimitable American group, the Weavers. John finds it an invaluable ice-breaker with schoolchildren.

The Barnyards Of Delgaty — Most of the Scottish traditional farming songs have been collected in Aberdeenshire where Ian and Lorna Campbell come from. This one of the most typical and well-known of these cornkister songs and has long been a favourite of the Campbell Group.

Over The Water To Charlie — Scotland has many lovely songs dating from the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 when the Scots tried unsuccessfully to put Prince Charles Edward. Stewart on an independent Scottish throne. This one was recreated by our national poet Robert Burns.

The Ballad Of Albert Perkins — Written by Ian this a light hearted look at the folksong revival and the club scene in Britain.

Come Kiss Me Love — I an put this song together using the tune of the American folksong "Peggy Gordon" which in turn is based on the English "Banks of the Sweet Primroses", and verses from various Appalachian lost-love songs.

Tina Sizwe — This Ian's arrangement of a song created by black South Africans in their campaign for political and human rights.

Down In The Coalmine — Danes have associated this song with the Campbell Group ever since their first trip popularised it. If is a Victorian mining song from the Northeast.

I Loved A Lass — A Scottish version of a widely known love-song, accompanied here on the Appalachian dulcimer, an instrument very similar to the Norwegian langeleik.

Cho Cho Losa — At the Edinburgh Festival in 1963 the Campbell Croup performed along with a wonderful black. South African group called the Manhattan Brothers The two groups exchanged items from their repertoires, and this song is a memento of that occasion.

Viva La Quince Brigada — A song from the Spanish Civil War, this has been a favourite with the group since long before they became professional entertainers and is still in constant demand.

Goodnight Irene — What better way to finish an evening, or an LP, than with Huddy Leadbetter's great song?