The Ian Campbell Folk Group   •   The Ian Campbell Folk Group [EP]

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  • The Ian Campbell Folk Group
    • 1964 - Decca DFE 8592 EP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Paddy On The Railway (McColl)
    2. True Love Don't Weep (Sharps)
  • Side Two
    1. The John B. Sails (Sandburg; Hays)
    2. Drill Ye Tarriers Drill (Trad. arr. Campbell)

  • The Ian Campbell Folk Group
    • Ian Campbell: Lead Vocals
    • Lorna Campbell: Lead Vocals
    • Brian Clark: Guitar And Autoharp
    • Dave Swarbrick: Fiddle And Manda
    • John Dunkerley: Banjo And Guitar
  • Credits
    • Engineer: Gus Dugdeon
    • Cover Photo: Brian Shuel
    • A Transatlantic Recording

Sleeve Notes

The Campbells, based in Birmingham, have gained for themselves in the last two years, a firm reputation as Britain's leading folk group. They are, in a remarkable way, true to their material; they know and reaped its sources and they bring to it gifted musicianship and lively imagination. Above all, they enjoy their singing and playing and their audiences enjoy it too. In the past year, they have starred many times in B.B.C- TV's Hootenanny Show and A.B.C-TV's Hullabaloo series. They have given a series of sell-out concerts at leading venues throughout the country including the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall. This year they were invited to attend the famous Newport Folk Festival in the United States.

The four songs on this album are all firm folk favourites. Drill Ye Terriers, (one of the first songs ever recorded incidentally), was popular in the United States round the turn of the century and is of Irish/American origin. Paddy on the Railway is perhaps its British equivalent, emanating from the Irish immigrant workers on the railways. Ian takes the solo on both these rousing numbers. In contrast Lorna sings the lilting Bahaman Bong The John B. Sails and a haunting Appalachian tune True Love Don't Weep. The four illustrate perfectly the Campbells' versatility, artistry and warmth which has made them in clubs, concerts and on record our number one folk attraction