Israel Gurion   •   Israel Gurion (Self-Titled)

  • Israel Gurion
    • 1966 - Israfon AP 326 LP (ISR)
  • Side One
    1. Love On The Air (Jobim, D. Havkin)
    2. Peanuts (Botnim) (J. Brel, I. Gurion)
    3. Osnat (G. Brassens, D. Havkin)
    4. Brazilian Port (Folk, D. Havkin)
    5. Reizelle (Folk, D. Havkin)
    6. The Rain (Folk, D. Havkin)
  • Side Two
    1. Little Doll (G. Brassens, D. Havkin)
    2. I Don't Care (Lennon & McCartney, D. Havkin)
    3. I've Offerd You (I. Gurion, J. Bechar)
    4. From The End Of The World (D. Havkin, D. Heller)
    5. Di Gi Di Gi Doom (M. Legrand, D. Havkin)
    6. Do Quiera (Folk Song)

  • Credits
    • Israel Gurion: Vocals & Guitar
    • Arranged & Conducted by Jacky Levi
  • Other releases include …
    • Israel Gurion (2001, ISR) [CD]
      • The 2001 CD release includes 4 addtional tracks.
  • Notes
    • Information on this release comes from outside sources.

Sleeve Notes

Israel Gurion is a versatile figure in the theatrical and entertainment world of Israel. He is recognised by many as the thin partner in the "Dudaim Duo" of singers; theatre-lovers have enjoyed his performances In "Arlequino” ("Theatre of the Seasons"), "Pantagleize" (The Cameri Theatre) and "How to Succeed in Business … " (Godek Productions); he has been a member of the Marcel Marceau mime troupe; he has appeared in the films "Dalle and the Sailors" and "Hole in the Moon"; and, of course, he is known to all as a member of the "Yarkon Bridge Trio."

This present recording, which contains mainly Hebrew versions of foreign songs, will delight listeners because of the special quality of Israel Gurion’s voice, as well as his unique presentation. So, take out the record, set it on the turntable, and — pleasant listening.

Drora Havkin has been associated with Israel Gurion since they both played the triangle in kindergarden. She was a member of the Nahal Army Entertainment Unit, graduated from the Tel Aviv Academy of Music, and then specialized in medieval music at the Sorbonne. Miss Havkin selected the songs for this record, end wrote or translated most of the lyrics.