Archie Fisher   •   Sunsets I've Galloped Into

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  • Sunsets I've Galloped Into
    • 1988 - Snow Goose SGS 1114 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. Ashfields And Brine (Archie Fisher)
    2. Yonder Banks (Graham Miles)/The Shipyard Apprentice (Archie Fisher/Bobby Campbell)
    3. The Cuillins Of Home (Trad. Arr. Archie Fisher)
    4. Southside Blues (Stewart MacGregor)
    5. Silver Coin (Terry Hiscock)
    6. The Presence (Stewart MacGregor/Archie Fisher)
    7. Gunsmoke And Whisky (Archie Fisher)
  • Side Two
    1. Bill Hosie (Archie Fisher)
    2. I Wandered By A Brookside (Trad. Arr. Archie Fisher)
    3. Merry England (Archie Fisher)
    4. The Great North Road (Archie Fisher)
    5. Eastfield (Archie Fisher)
    6. The Black Horse (Archie Fisher)
    7. All That You Ask Me (Keiran Goss)

  • Musicians
    • Archie Fisher: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer
    • David Woodland: Fretless & Fretted Bass, Piano
    • Garnet Rogers: Flute, Violin, Electric Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer
  • Credits
    • Produced by Garnet Rogers
    • Engineered by Greg Roberts
    • Executive Producer Valerie Rogers
    • Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio, 38 Grant Avenue, Hamilton Ontario L8N 2X5
    • September 1987/February 1988
    • Mastered at McClear Place, Toronto, Ontario
    • Photo: Garnet Rogers

Sleeve Notes

SUNSETS I'VE GALLOPED INTO — This album spans twenty years of songwriting by myself and a few friends. Every song has had a season and holds a special place surrounded by its particular memories.

So, it seemed the most natural thing to bring them together as a gathering of old friends and introduce them to you.

ASHFIELDS AND BRINE — A new industrial estate now covers the old Inverness landfill on the Moray Firth which because of garden waste used to support a myriad of herbs and flowers despite the barren surroundings of cinders and sea.

YONDER BANKS — Graham Miles poignant song of his childhood in the Northeast of England segues into THE SHIPYARD APPRENTICE with a melody by Bobby Campbell which tells of the struggle and eventual decline of the shipbuilding industry on the River Clyde since World War Two. Annie Mayo Muir first sung me this translation of the Skye song

CUILLINS OF HOME which she learned from Gordon Bok.

SOUTHSIDE BLUES was one of the many fine songs written by the late Stewart MacGregor. The antidote

SILVER COIN by Terry Hiscock supplies the contrasting romantic optimism. Stewart MacGregor also wrote the poem

THE PRESENCE, one of the best pieces of sympathetic writing I've ever heard.

GUNSMOKE AND WHISKY is a tribute to my old friend Len Partridge.

Early in April 1987 a replica of the Supermarine S 5 was flown by its reconstructor BILL HOSIE, fell from the skies during a test flight off Cornwall. The S5 had won the Schnieder Trophy for Britain in the world's greatest sea-plane race, back in 1927.

"Bill Hosie built a dream, to haunt the skies with the ghost of a Supermarine".

I WANDERED BY A BROOKSIDE is a traditional English rustic gem learned from Chris Leslie of Whippersnapper.

MERRY ENGLAND and THE GREAT NORTH ROAD are what used to be called 'road songs' back in the 70's. There were a lot of them about.

EASTFIELDS was the name of the farm I lived on in the beautiful Scottish Borderlands. Many of the landmarks of my adopted Borders homeland are mentioned in

THE BLACK HORSE, a song without a melody. There was no better way to end the reunion than with

ALL THAT YOU ASK ME from the prolific pen of Keiran Goss of Newry.

My thanks to the relative talents of Garnet, Greg and David. A great team in the studio; and also to Gail, Valerie and Al for their support and sustenance.