Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger   •   Songs Of Struggle — Live in concert 1976

  • Songs Of Struggle
    • 1976 - AMWU 91 [2 Cassetes] (AUS)
  • Cassette One
    • Warren Fahey opens with …
      1. Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken (Clem Parkinson)
      2. Doctor's Fees Are Ruining My Health (Clem Parkinson)
      3. Clancy's Prayer (Collected from Joe Watson/Traditional)
      4. The Bankers & The Diplomats Are Going In The Army (Malvina Reynolds)
      5. Moreton Bay
    • Peggy and Ewan Section …
      1. Ballad of Accounting (by Ewan MacColl)
      2. Men of the Honest Heart
      3. We Poor Labouring Men
      4. Lowell Factory Girl
      5. Candidate's a Dodger
      6. The Company Store
      7. Jimmy Maxton and the I.L.P
      8. Forward, Unemployed!
      9. McKaffery
      10. Ballad of Ho Chi Minh (by Ewan MacColl)
      11. Che Guevara (by Peggy Seeger)
      12. Union Woman II (by Peggy Seeger)
      13. Kingaroy King (by Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl)
  • Cassette Two
    • Peggy and Ewan Section …
      1. Voices from the Mountains (by Rutthy Taubb)
      2. Ladybird (by Ian Davison)
      3. Frank Proffitt (by Don Lange)
      4. Blast Against Blackguards (by Ewan MacColl)
      5. We Don't Want to Live Like That (by Ewan MacColl)
      6. The Klan Song (by David and Alan Arkin, aka David and Alan Gray)
      7. Iron-Moulder's Wedding (by Graeme Miles)
      8. Reclaim the Night (by Peggy Seeger)
      9. Fragments:
        1. Wonder Boy (by Ewan MacColl)
        2. LBJ Looks After Me (by Ewan MacColl)
        3. The Banks They Are Rosy (by Ewan MacColl)
        4. Watergate Song (by Peggy Seeger)
        5. China Rag (by Ewan MacColl and Sandra Kerr)
        6. Cosher Bailey parodies
        7. Prime Minister Cut Down in His Prime (by Ewan MacColl)
        8. Fitba' Crazy
      10. White Tornado (by Ewan MacColl)
      11. Grey October (by the London Critics Group and Peggy Seeger)
      12. Disc of Sun (aka Brother, Did You Weep?) (by Ewan MacColl)
      13. The Father's Song (by Ewan MacColl)
      14. The Pay-Up Song (by Peggy Seeger)
      15. Song of Choice (by Peggy Seeger)
      16. Legal Illegal (by Ewan MacColl)

  • Musicians
    • Ewan MacColl: Vocals
    • Peggy Seeger: Vocals, Guitar, and various intruments
    • Warren Fahey: Vocals
      • Information on this release comes from outside sources.


In 1974 I started corresponding with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger about a possible tour of Australia. Neither had been to Australia and had always longed to visit …

Warren Fahey