Ewan MacColl   •   Barrack Room Ballads [2]

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  • Barrack Room Ballads
    • 1958 - Topic 10T26 LP [10"] (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Join the British Army
    2. The Ghost Army of Korea
    3. The Ballad of Wadi Maktilla
    4. The Young Trooper Cut Down in his Prime
    5. Bless em All
  • Side Two
    1. Any Complaints
    2. The Second Front Song
    3. Seven Years in the Sand
    4. Farewell to Sicily
    5. Browned off
    6. When this Ruddy War is Over

  • Notes
    • 19 songs from two recording sessions were released on 4 different titled records, on 3 labels.
    • None of these releases contain all 19 songs.
      • "All You Maidens Sweet and Kind", "Columbo", "The D Day Dodgers" & "McKaffery" only appear on the USA releases.
      • "Farewell to Sicily", only appears on the (UK); Topic releases.
      • "Hand Me Down Me Petticoat", "On the Move (Tonight)", "The Dying Soldier" & "The Fortress Song" do not on appear on Barack Room Ballads