Eric Bogle with John Munro & Brent Miller   •   In Concert

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  • In Concert
    • 1985 - Larrikin LRF 160 LP [x2] (AUS)
  • Side One
    1. Hard, Hard Times
    2. Now I'm Easy
    3. Birds of a Feather
    4. A Reason for It All
    5. Nobody's Moggy Now!
  • Side Two
    1. No Man's Land
    2. Front Row Cowboy
    3. When The Wind Blows
    4. Lock-Keeper
  • Side Three
    1. Little Gomez
    2. If Wishes Were Fishes
    3. Leaving Nancy
    4. Wee China Pig
  • Side Four
    1. Safe in The Harbour (Stan Rogers)
    2. Do You Know Any Dylan?
    3. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

  • Musicians
    • Eric Bogle: Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
    • John Munro: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
    • Brent Miller: Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Eric Bogle and John Munro
    • Recorded at the Octagon Theatre, University of W.A. in August, 1984
    • Recorded by Richard Meggit, Pro-Sound W.A
    • Front Of House Sound: John Coates
    • Concert Promoter: Richard Collins, Grass Roots Artistes & Management
    • Remixed by Peter Brookes of Studio 202, Adelaide
    • First issued Larrikin 1985
    • All songs, words and music, by Eric Bogle, unless otherwise noted
    • This LP is dedicated to Carmel and Liz, with much appreciation for their patience, support, long-sufferance and understanding. Also to Warren Fahey, who has been asking for it for quite some time!

Sleeve Notes

Eric Bogle is acknowledged as a phenomenon in the Australian recording industry. He has never had a hit single, never performed with Rolf Harris or Colleen Hewett, never experienced an hysterical hype-promotional campaign and has never compromised in his songwriting or performing. Despite all these 'nevers' he has been successful He has four successful albums including international releases in Canada, United States, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — he even has three 'pirate' recordings in Germany! He has been acclaimed by the world's leading music press as 'one of the most important songwriters of the eighties'; Concert audiences from all over the world have left his performances with a real feeling of sharing — here is a performer who communicates with a basic honesty and love of his fellow human. His songbooks have been published in four continents, and, as an ultimate compliment to a songwriter, his songs have been accepted by other singers including The Furies [ sic], Dubliners, Donovan, Slim Dusty, The Bushwackers, Gordon Bok, Alex Campbell, Doug Ashdown and even Opera singer, Benjamin Luxon through to punk singers The Skids! Above all, his songs are standing the test of time.

Eric Bogle the man is a complicated individual Born in Peebles, Scotland, he has adopted Australia as his home including being 'sworn in 'as a true-blue Aussie in 1983 (bloody well Australian through and through!) He and his wife, Carmel, live in a stone house in the glory of the Adelaide Hills. This 'home base 'for songwriting, planning concert tours and communicating with the earth.

There is one other side of Eric Bogle — two 'off-siders' — John Munro and Brent Miller, who have become an integral part of his performance and recording work. Both contribute to the creative evolution of the music and both are Adelaide 'mates'.

'Eric Bogle In Concert' is quite an experience for it captures the real spirit of these three men in their element. The songs tend to speak for themselves, however, there is a definite magic in the 'liveliness' of the recording and in the mischievous song introductions that have become part and parcel of Eric Bogle in concert. I'm not the only person who has been asking for this collection!

Warren Fahey, Chief Larrikin