Eric Bogle   •   Now I'm Easy (AUS)

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  • Now I'm Easy
    • 1980 - Larrikin LRF 041 LP (AUS)
  • Side One
    1. Now I'm Easy
    2. Leaving Nancy
    3. I Hate Wogs
    4. No Man's Land
    5. Leaving in the Morning
  • Side Two
    1. Since Nancy Died
    2. The War Correspondent
    3. Song of the Whale
    4. Front Row Cowboy
    5. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

  • Musicians
    • Eric Bogle: Vocals
    • Graham Lee: Guitars, Harmony
    • Chris Nicholson: Guitars
    • Doug Balmanno: Bass
    • Lorraine Cook: Cello
    • George Walpole: Flute, Recorder
    • Don Lebler: Percussion
    • Peter Wragg: Keyboards
  • Credits
    • Recorded & Mixed at Southwind Studio, Indooroopilly
    • Peter Wragg: Sound Engineer
    • Produced By: Chris Nicholson
    • Cover Design: Robyn Priestley
    • Photography: Geoff Grantham
    • All songs written by Eric Bogle

Sleeve Notes

On the sleeve of this L.P. I had originally intended to include individual notes on each song, explaining what the song was about, how I came to write it etc., etc. In short, to thoroughly indulge myself, a trait for which I am regrettably, but justifiably, quite well known.

Instead, I offer these songs to you without comment. The primary function of any song is communication, so if I've succeeded as a songwriter these songs should require no further explanation from me, they should speak for themselves. I certainly hope they do. Listen to them, draw your own conclusions, make your own interpretations, form your own judgments.

Please do not let the fact that I think they're all great, and that they represent a large slice of my life, sway you in any way whatsoever.

My grateful and sincere thanks to all those who have been involved in the making of this record, it has been both a pleasure and an education to work with real professionals. My special thanks to Chris Nicholson, my producer, who orchestrated this whole project from the start.

Finally, this record was made for, and is dedicated to, all those people who, over the last 10 years or so, have given me love, advice, encouragement friendship, and a kick in the bum when I needed it.

But mainly, it's for Nancy.