Dé Danann (De Dannan)   •   Half Set in Harlem

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  • Half Set in Harlem
    • 1991 - Green Linnet GLCD 1113 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Joe Derrane's Reel, The Galway Rambler, Jerry Holland's
    2. Lights Across the Bay (Phil & June Colclough)
    3. Restless Farewell (Bob Dylan)
    4. The Klezmer Hornpipes (Peregrine Music)
    5. Mulvihill's & Dublin Porter (Reels)
    6. If Anything Happened to You (C. McGettigan, Arr. A. McGlynn)
    7. Mike Flanagan S Jig (Trad. Arr. Peregrine Music)
    8. A Classical Reel (F. Gavin, Arr. F. Gavin & Niall Martin)
    9. Glasgow Lullabye (Eric Bogle, Vocal Arrangement A. Finn)
    10. The Maids of Mullaghmore (Trad. Arr. De Dannan)
    11. Operator (Copyright Control, Arr. Alec Finn)
    12. Maam Valley (F. Gavin, Peregrine Music)
    13. The Snowy Cordillera (Phil & June Colclough, Alec Finn)

  • De Dannan
    • Frankie Gavin: Fiddle, Flute, Tin Whistle & Piano
    • Alec Finn: Bouzouki, Guitar & Harmonica
    • Eleanor Shanley: Lead Vocals, Vocals
    • Aidan Coffey: Accordion
    • Colm Murphy: Bodhran
  • Guest Musicians
    • Andy Statman: Clarinet
    • Arty McGlynn: Guitar & Pedal Steel
    • Bill Whelan: Double Bass
    • David Steinberg: French horn
    • Kieran Tourish: Fiddle
    • Niall Martin: Cello
    • Richard Nelson: Dobro
    • Rod McVeigh: Keyboards
    • Roderic Morris: Percussion
    • Brook Taylor, Conrad Robinson, Clarissa Robinson, Lucille Oliver, Bambi Jones, & Pam Johnston: Backing Vocals

Sleeve Notes

The "set" and "1/2 set" are the earthy versions, danced in Irish country kitchens, of the courtly European dance the quadrille — a favorite of Napoleon and hugely popular in his Parisian court.

"Set", or staged, in other ethnic communities far removed from each other around the world are the other influences on this album. Here we have music from Eastern Europe in the Klezmer tradition, from the Scottish tradition, from such disparate places as Donegal and Cape Breton, and — a particularly exciting ingredient on this album — the gospel singing tradition of the United States of America.

Jackie Small

Joe Derrane's Reel, The Galway Rambler, Jerry Holland's — A 78rpm recording of the legendary Joe Derrane from the Aran Islands off the Galway coast is the source of the first reel. The Galway Rambler is very popular in all parts of the world, and Jerry Holland's Reel is named after the great fiddler who comes from Brockton, Massachusetts and now lives in Cape Breton.

The Klezmer Hornpipes — Featuring virtuosos Andy Statman on clarinet and David Steinberg on French horn. We met Andy and David with The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra in 1987 in New York, when we performed a number of concerts together combining traditional Jewish (Klezmer) music and traditional Irish music.

If Anything Happened To You — This song was written by the well known songwriter from County Leitrim, Charlie McGettigan.

Mike Flanagan's Jig — The Flanagan Brothers from Waterford recorded this jig in New York in the 1920s. They were perhaps the most successful Irish band of that time, working in Music Halls, performing both sentimental and lively material for the many Irish immigrants in America. Joe Diamond from Maghera, County Derry of "Roguery" fame supplied us with this tune. We thank you Joe!!