Dé Danann (De Dannan)   •   The Irish R.M.

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  • The Irish R.M.
    • 1984 - Release RRL-8012 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Major Yeates' Fancy — Title Theme (Haste to the Wedding) (Nick Bicát)
    2. The Teetotaller (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
    3. Sally's Lament (Nick Bicát)
    4. Mrs Cadogan's Waltz (Mrs Crotty's) (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
    5. Sheehy's Runway Foal (Dublin and the Flogging) (Nick Bicát)
    6. The Fire at Aussolas (Nick Bicát)
    7. Phillipa's Dance (Stack of Barley) (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
  • Side Two
    1. Sultan Wins the Race (An Phis Philunch/Hardy Man the Fiddler/Drop of Brandy) (Nick Bicát)
    2. Lady Knox and Mrs Knox (Nick Bicát)
    3. Skewbawn (Sleieve Na Mhan) (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
    4. Slippers Dance (The Walls of Limerick) (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
    5. Flurry's Hunt (The Foxhunter's Slip Jig) (Nick Bicát)
    6. The Servants Ball (The Hearty Boys of Ballymoate) (trad. arr. Dé Danann)
    7. Major Yeates' Fancy/Haste to the Wedding (Nick Bicát)

  • The Irish R.M.
    • Themes, Jigs and Melodies from the Television Series The Irish R.M.
    • based on the works of Somerville and Ross
  • Dé Danann
    • Jackie Daly: Accordion, Melodeon
    • Frankie Gavin: Fiddle, Whistle
    • Johnny McDonagh: Bodhrán
      • above are the only members of De Danann credited on the album …
  • Musicians
    • David Arnold: Percussion
    • Tony Britten: Piano, Harmonium, Harpsichord
    • Dermot Crehan: Fiddle
    • Steve Dent: Bodhrán
    • Mike Dore: French Horn
    • Jack Emblow: Accordion, Melodeon
    • Howard Evans: Trumpet
    • Andy Findon: Whistle, Flute
    • Seán Gavin: Accordion, Melodeon
    • Cath Giles: Cello
    • Steve Keavy: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet
    • John Kirkpatrick: Accordion, Melodeon
    • Martin Loveday: Cello
    • Declan Masterton: Uilleann Pipes
    • Paul Nieman: Trombone
    • Tony Pleeth: Cello
    • Mick Taylor: Bodhrán
    • Nigel Warren-Green: Cello
    • Roger Williams: Trombone
    • Bob White: Uilleann Pipes, Whistle
  • Credits
    • Album produced and music composed by Nick Bicát
    • Conducted and arranged by Tony Britten
    • With traditional music performances by Dé Danann
    • Executive production and co-ordination: Michael McDonagh
    • Recorded at Lomnard Studios Dublin, and at Olympic Studios London
    • Engineers: Keith Grant, Nigel Brooke-Hart and Philip Begley