Danny Doyle   •   Collection — Volume Two

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  • Collection — Volume Two
    • 1985 - Release RRL 8019 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Mountains of Mourne (Trad.)
    2. James Connolly - the Worker's Hero (Pete St. John)
    3. My Cavan Girl (T. Moore)
    4. Slievenamon (Trad.)
    5. The Lambs on the Green Hills (Trad.)
    6. The Year of the French (Pete St, John)
    7. Since Maggie Went Away (Seán O'Casey)
  • Side Two
    1. Old Dublin Town (Doyle, St.John)
    2. Ballyho (Trad.)
    3. The Spirit of '76 (Trad.)
    4. The Simple Telling of Finnegan's Wake (Trad.)
    5. The Dutchman (M. Smith)
    6. Mary from Dungloe (Trad.)
    7. Down Our Street (Trad.)

  • Track Sources
    • Tracks: 2, 6, 12, 13 are previously unreleased
    • Track: 5 is from Danny Doyle (1971)
    • Tracks: 9, 10 are from The West's Awake (1976)
    • Tracks: 1, 4, 14 are from (Presenting) Danny Doyle (1977)
    • Track: 8 is from Irish Startime (1979)
    • Track: 7 is from the single release Since Maggie Went Away & Neil Mulligan's Fools (1980)
    • Track: 3 is from Raised On Songs And Stories (1980)
    • Track: 11 is from the single release Finnegan Are You Really Dead? & Simple Telling Of Finnegan… (1981)

Sleeve Notes

Since Danny Doyle's Step it Out, Mary and Whiskey on a Sunday first topped the Irish record charts almost two decades ago, this bearded Dublin folksinger has indisputably been Ireland's foremost solo balladeer. He has had a score of hits since 1967, songs like Daisy a Day, The Green Hills of Kerry, The Fields of Athenry and his world-famous anthem, Dublin in the Rare Ould Times.

He has an uncanny way of taking you back in song and story to the bohemian neighbourhood of his childhood, to a time when the great Brendan Behan would flip Danny a coin in Baggot Street for a song on the sidewalk.

Nor does this remarkable Dubliner sing only the songs of his home town. Danny's ballads of the Irish countryside are delivered with a loving care, reflecting his abiding affection for the ancient Gaelic cultural tradition. Listen. You will hear rowdy songs of the sea and glen, rollicking songs of whiskey and women, rueful songs of rebellion and rising. There is whimsy and lament, laughter and pathos, but, above all, remember that when you listen, you are hearing the authentic lilt of Ireland singing. Here you will find no popularized, storybook version of the Emerald Isle: rather, here you will discover Ireland's most popular balladeer singing the hidden melody of the real Irish.

Now, at last, Volume 2 of the DANNY DOYLE COLLECTION is here, which, along with Volume 1, makes up a beautiful selection of Danny's best-known songs and ballads.