Danny Doyle   •   Expressions of Danny Doyle (IRL)

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  • Expressions of Danny Doyle
    • 1968 - Tribune TRLP 1003 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. The Rising of The Moon
    2. Mary from Dunloe
    3. Spanish is a Loving Tongue
    4. Whiskey on a Sunday (Hughes)
    5. Lizzie Lindsay
    6. German Clockwinder
  • Side Two
    1. Twenty Men from Dublin Town (Griffith)
    2. Pretty Saro
    3. If You Could Wait (Healy)
    4. Me Old Howth Gun
    5. John O'Halloran (McCarthy)
    6. One Time Only (Paxton)

  • Credits
    • Produced by Jack Bayle
    • Sound Engineer Bill Sommerville-Large
    • Photography: Tom Collins
    • Sleeve Design and Artwork: Stephen Hill
    • Songs Trad. Arr. by P. Raymond, unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

I remember Danny Doyle's first appearance at Mick McCarthy's 'Embankment' when at what then seemed to be the height of the Ballad Revival, he brought a fresh new voice and (as it turned out) a winner — 'Step it out Mary' — to the Dublin scene. The troubadors of the Middle Ages roamed their war-torn world, singing of battles won and ladies lost. So it is with Danny. His soothing voice, his choice of songs illumine for us some heart-warming cameo of life — old Seth Davey with his puppets — which helps wipe away our own frustrations. We're happy just to sit back and listen so long as Danny keeps on singing.

Peg Popplewell