Anthologies   •   If It Wasnae For Your Wellies!

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  • If It Wasnae For Your Wellies!
    • 1974 - Transatlantic XTRA 1144 LP (UK)
  • Side Two
    1. Talkin' Blue (What's In A Name) (B. Connolly) — Billy Connolly (previously unissued)
    2. Four Ditties (B. Eaglesham) — Bobby Eaglesham: from Bobby Eaglesham (XTRA 1137)
    3. Green Fields Of Dundee (W. Nicoll) — Watt Nicoll: from The Ballad of the Bog (XTRA 1062)
    4. One Eyed Reilly (Ian Campbell Folk Group) — Ian Campbell Folk Group: from Sampler (TRA SAM4)
    5. Poisoning The Students Mind (H. Imlach) — Hamish Imlach: from Old Rarity (XTRA 1121)
    6. The Weatherman (W. Nicoll) — Watt Nicoll: from Wattcha! (XTRA 1108)