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Sullivan's Gypsies   •   The Leprechaun (CAN)

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  • The Leprechaun
    • 1969 - Hi-Lite 2011 LP (CAN)
  • Side One
    1. The Leprechaun (D. McLennan)
    2. Whiskey In The Jar
    3. Badin Phelim
    4. Mushin Durkin
    5. Danny Boy (F. Weatherly)
  • Side Two
    1. Rovin' Irish Beau
    2. A Tinker's Poteen (D. McLennan)
    3. Paddy Doyle The Poacher (D. McLennan)
    4. The Nightingale
    5. As I Roved Out
    6. The Parting Glass

  • Sullivan's Gypsies
    • Dermot O'Reilly: Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Bass
    • Fergus O'Byrne: Banjo, Harpsichord, Organ
    • Don Sullivan: Bass, Vocals
    • Gary Kavanagh: Vocals
  • Credits
    • Recorded at Sound Canada Recording Center, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada
    • Recording & Re-Recording Engineer: Ray Lawrence
    • Executive Producer: Art Snider
    • Album Co-ordinator: Martin Hurst
    • All tracks: Traditional, unless otherwise noted.
  • Notes
    • This album was released in the UK in 1970 with one extra track, a different cover & sleeve notes, as well as, a few other variations.

Sleeve Notes

This album marks the North American debut of a new Irish folk singing group, Sullivan's Gypsies. There is no formula, as such, for success in the entertainment world. To shine among the many, a group must have that "unknown quality", elusive to the average but not to Sullivan's Gypsies.

They have all the assets necessary for fame as this album proves beyond doubt. Yet, they have that "unknown quality" as well. On or off the stage they have a presence that commands the attention of everyone that comes in contact with them. Those who have experienced a performance by Sullivan's Gypsies agree that they restore songs to the folk sources they came from.

Gypsy Don Sullivan, the leader, unlike the other lads was reared among the bushes of Tyrone. With facial scars, earrings, curly hair and beard, once can easily see the extraordinary life that this rugged individual must have led. He never ceases to amaze to those who come in contact with him. One is always surprise by the fact that he sings sings for a living and that he has a passion for writing, poetry and songs — three of which he wrote especially for this album.

Gary Kavanagh is the blonde, handsome one(or so he would have you believe). Born in Dublin, as a lad he developed a keen interest in soccer and played for some of the leading teams there. Always having a love for poetry and folk songs it wasn't long before he found himself in great demand at parties and pubs in Dublin. This, combined with a devilish sense of humour has made him the fine entertainer he now is with Sullivan's Gypsies.

Fergus O'Byrne is the youngest memember of Sullivan's Gypsies. Also born in Dublin, he was introduced to music at the age seven. He first played classical piano, but since then he has msatered the five string banjo and also plays guitar, mouth organ, whistle, and mandolin. With hias "Lennon" glasses, shoulder length hair and beard, Fergus is admired by the young and respected by the old as an entertainer, musician and fine singer of Irish sonqs.

Dermot O'Reilly is another Dublin man. He was born into a musical family and as a young child he was singing and touring with the family in a minstrel show. As soon as he was able,, his uncle taught him to play the mandolin and banjo. With the advent of rock and roll he got himself a guitar; but his love for the Irish music prevailed. He concentrated on Irish folk music and is now considered one of the best guitarists in this scene.

Special thanks to Terry McAloon, Mike Clancy and Ray Lawrence.

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