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Brendan Shine   •   Brendan Shine

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  • Brendan Shine
    • 1984 - Play PLAY 1015 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Catch Me If You Can (McDill)
    2. I Like Beer (Tom T. Hall)
    3. Pick the Wildwood Flower (Joe Allen)
    4. Are You on The Road to Loving Me Again (Bob Morrison/Debbie Hult)
    5. Faster Horses (Tom T. Hall)
    6. I'll Settle for Old Ireland (J. McAuley)
  • Side Two
    1. Do You Want You're Old Lobby Washed Down Con Shine (Trad. Arr. B. Shine)
    2. Nancy Spain (Barney Rush)
    3. The Old Rugged Cross
    4. Mexico (Mathews)
    5. Living in London (P. Farrell)
    6. If You Ever Go Over to Ireland (O'Nolan)

  • Credits
    • Sleeve Design and Artwork by O Lochlainn Design Associates
    • Photography by McCormack Studios and Patrick Monaghan
    • Distributed in Ireland by Chart Records Ltd.
    • Distributed in U.K. by Spartan Records, London

Sleeve Notes

In Ireland Brendan Shine is a national phenomenon! — well, he is even more than that, for his popularity is no longer confined to the shores of the Emerald Isle, his records now sell in places as far apart as New York and Melbourne, Birmingham and Berlin. Berlin, you might well exclaim! — well, of course he is known there for his German hit song, "Ya Das Kann Doch tinfach Nicht Sein".

While in the U.K., "Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down", took him into the hot 100 bracket, gaining prestige exposure on the BBC Playlist and at the time of writing "Catch Me If You Can", written for Brendan by Christy O'Connor from Salthill, Galway, also looks set for International hit status.

Brendan Shine is a man with an uncanny ability for picking hit songs, a brilliant live entertainer who can hold any audience young or old in the palm of his hand.

As a music critic I regard him as an artist with 3 outstanding qualities — a nice guy, a superb and a great communicator.

Most of his songs are the singalong type of numbers that epitomise happiness and humour — put this record on your turntable and let Brendan Shine communicate some of that enjoyment to you.

Tom Gilmore
Music Journalist, Tuam Herald, Co. Galway and Irish Music Scene, U.K.