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Roaring Jack   •   Street Celtabillity

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  • Street Celtabillity
    • 1987 - Mighty Boy MBEP 0002 EP
  • Side One
    1. The Old Divide And Rule (Alistair Hulett)
    2. But Us A Drink (Alistair Hulett)
    3. Wild Rover Again (Alistair Hulett)
  • Side Two
    1. Yuppietown (Alistair Hulett)
    2. Ballad Of 1975 (Alistair Hulett)
    3. Shell Shocked Crowd (Steve Miller)

  • Roaring Jack
    • Dave Williams: Bass Guitar, Tenor Banjo and Fiddle
    • Steven Miller: Voice, Accordian, Mandolin, Zither, Cealtern and Spoons
    • Bob Mannell: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Celt O'Caster and Cealtern
    • Alistair Hulett: Voice and Acoustic Guitar
    • Steve Thompson: Drums
  • Credits
    • Recorded and Produced by Tony Espie at Studio 301 Castlereagh St., Sydney - July 1987
    • Management: Andrew Thomas
    • Special thanks to Tony Espie for his immense contribution to the music on this record, and to Phillipa Freitag for playing fine fiddle on "The Old Divide and Rule".