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The Mulligans   •   Mulligan Stew

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  • Mulligan Stew
    • 1982 - Blended Spirits Music BSM 1 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Johny McGory (P. St. John)
    2. Ireland My Home (D. Murray)
    3. Jigs: Humors of Bantry & Bill Hartes (Trad. Arr. Mulligans)
    4. Out With the Women (L. Gallagher, T. McCartan, K. O'Malley)
    5. Mulligan Stew (Trad. Arr. Mulligans)
  • Side Two
    1. Day Of the Clipper (S. Rodinov)
    2. Irish Ways and Irish Laws (J. Gibbs)
    3. Napoleon (A. Irvine)
    4. Nancy Spain (B. Rash)
    5. Black and Tans (D. Behan)

  • The Mulligans
    • Terry McCartan: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Bodhrán
    • Denis Murray: Vocals, Bass Guitar
    • Ken O'Malley: Vocals, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
  • Musicians
    • Judy Gameral: Hammer Dulcimer, Concertina
    • Larry Modell: Violin, Accordion
    • Rick Aarset, Paul Olson: Drums
  • Credits
    • Produced by The Mulligans and Friends
    • Recorded and mixed at Track Record Studios, Hollywood, Calif.
    • Engineer: Tom Murphy
    • Assistant Engineers: John, Steve and Phil
    • Equipment: Manager Harvlck
    • Grateful appreciation to Linda and Tom Knowlton and Colette and Leo Nealon
    • Cover Design: Ken Southworth & Lee Branscombe
    • Typography and Layout: Bill Heckman & Terry McCartan
    • Notes: Ken O'Malley
    • Photo: Maureen Connolly
    • Printing: Modern Albums
    • © 1982

Sleeve Notes

The Mulligans have been playing together for some time in the Southern California area. This, our first album, is a collection of songs and instrumentals we have gathered in an effort to record pieces from different areas of Irish music.

The title of the album, "Mulligan Stew," was chosen because of the mixture of music in the medley on side one, which we hope pleases everybody's tastes.

For ourselves, Denis and Ken are from Dublin and have been living in Los Angeles for about seven years.

Denis is a veteran of the Irish showband scene, having played with the well-known Miami Showband and the Sands. Despite the sentiments in his song "Ireland My Home," Denis is very happy living in Los Angeles.

Ken's musical career has alternated between traditional Irish music and playing rock music in basement clubs. He may also be remembered for his many appearances on the corner of St. Stephen's Green and Grafton Street in Dublin, playing for beer money.

Terry was born here in Los Angeles of very proud Belfast parents. Proud, that is, of their "wee Terry," who gets mixed up telling people he was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, or was it Bellflower, Southern California? Being the only native-born American in the group, Terry has fooled many of our fans up to now.

We hope you all enjoy the music here, and we thank everyone for their support in the past, the present, and the future.