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The Minstrel Boys   •   The Minstrel Boys at Brock's

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  • The Minstrel Boys at Brock's
    • 1974 (circa) - Cardinal Records CVS 12-507 LP
  • Side One
    1. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
    2. The Orange and the Green
    3. The Croppy Boy
    4. Tim Flaherty's Pup
    5. Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
    6. Annie
    7. Oh Marie
    8. The Irish National Anthem
  • Side Two
    1. In Heaven There Is No Beer
    2. Have a Good Time
    3. The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom
    4. Bum's Convention
    5. Smile-a-While
    6. Five Foot Two
    7. Bill Bailey
    8. Ireland was Ireland
    9. Come into the Parlor

  • Musicians
    • John Chalmers: Vocals, Guitar
    • Bill Moriarty: Vocals, Banjo
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live at Brock's Eating & Drinking House West Hartford, Connecticut by Cardinal Records, Stratford, Conn.
    • Front cover Photo by Thomas A. Maxfield
    • Back cover Photos by Dennis M. Durkin

Sleeve Notes

Brock's Eating & Drinking House opened in August, 1973 in West Hartford, Connecticut, the fifth restaurant in a rapidly expanding chain with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as Stamford and Norwalk, Connecticut.

The philosophy of the restaurant is aptly stated in its slogan — "The elegance of a club with the friendliness of a pub".

The Minstrel Boys, who have performed at Brocks since the opening, have added to the unique character of the Snuggery. Their charm can best be explained by a few words from one of the songs on the record, "we'll sing and we'll dance we'll make a fuss, whoever you are you're one of us … "

The Boys will entertain you with some old Irish and Scottish ballads, have you singing the old songs, and laughing at their good-natured teasing. Before you leave you will feel like "one of the family", for that's how it is when the Minstrel Boys entertain at Brocks.