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Jimmie Macgregor   •   Jimmie Macgregor's Folk Songs of Scotland

  • Jimmie Macgregor's Folk Songs of Scotland
    • 1981 - Jarrod and Sons Ltd., 85306 957 3
  • Contents:
    1. Fishing and Trawling
    2. Highland Fairy Lullaby
    3. Over the Water tae Chairlie
    4. Scottish Tradition
    5. Osprey
    6. The Wild Mountain Thyme
    7. The Braes o' Balquhidder
    8. Auld Sang
    9. The Field of Bannockburn
    10. The Calton Weaver
    11. The Jute Mill Song
    12. Tae the Weavers gin ye go
    13. The Sack 'em up Boys (Burke and Hare)
    14. Hot Asphalte
    15. The Laird o' Cockpen
    16. Fetlar Lullaby
    17. Jinkin' Jeannie

  • Credits
    • Illustrations by Jimmie Macgregor

The Author

Jimmie Macgregor is one of Britain's best-known folk singers. His partnership with Robin Hall has lasted more than twenty years, and in that time he has made twenty three long-playing records, and several singles and extended plays. Jimmie has long ago lost count of his radio and television performances, and he has appeared in all the country's great theatres and concert halls, as well as in colleges, universities, cathedrals, hotels, folk clubs, and town and village halls from the Channel Isles to the Shetlands. He has also taken his songs to Canada and America. Hong Kong, Israel, Austria, Australia and New Zealand, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Russia and the Middle East. Several of his own songs are regularly used by fellow folk singers, and he has produced records, and composed and played theme music for radio and television. He has compiled a book of folk songs for schools, and co-authored, with Michael Brander, a book on Scottish and Border Battle Ballads. One of his own favourite projects is his book which tells the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the rebellion of 1745 through the songs of the time. He has written and presented more than two hundred Scottish Music record programmes for the B.B.C. World Service and, at the time of writing, is chairman and question master of Scottish Television's popular Scottish language quiz game, 'Talking Scots'. Jimmie is a ceramics graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, and his meager spare time is devoted to collecting pictures, glass, furniture, pottery, vintage cars, etc. His other obsessions are ornithology and anything and everything Scottish.


When I started to compile the material for the first of these little books, I was concerned about what to include. This second collection has been even more difficult, in that I had considerable trouble in deciding what to omit. The choice of Scottish songs is quite vast, and I am grateful to all the singers and songmakers, past and present, known and unknown, who tell us so much about Scotland through their songs. I am indebted too, to Binx Macgregor for all her hard work in transcription. If I have inadvertently infringed anyone's copyright, I offer my humble apologies in advance.

Jimmie Macgregor