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Kathleen Largey Thompson   •   Legion Of The Rear Guard

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  • Legion Of The Rear Guard
    • 1980 [circa] - INAC IN 1101 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Legion of the Rearguard
    2. The Dying Rebel
    3. Four Green Fields (Makem)
    4. Where Is the Man
    5. James Connolly
  • Side Two
    1. Song of the Dawn
    2. Only Our Rivers Run Free (McConnell)
    3. Boys of the Old Brigade (McGuigan)
    4. Ireland Live On
    5. Roisin Dubh (Trad) & A Tribute to Kathleen (D. Sullivan)

  • Credits
    • Designer: Brian Mor

Sleeve Notes

A loving heart has ceased to throb
For Ireland's many wrongs
A voice is stilled that sweetly sang
A Nations Battle Songs.

Throughout our history the Bards and Poets of Ireland have been an intrical part of the fight for Justice and Freedom. With their songs and poems they provided solace, comfort and hope for the people of Ireland while complimenting the courage and dedication of our Volunteers. Many of their names are carried with pride in the hearts of the Irish people but, during the last decade, none have shone as bright as the name of Kathleen Thompson.

From a very young age Kathleen showed a keen interest in the History and Culture of Ireland and the passing of the years that interest blossomed into a deep love of the Irish people which time and time again, she displayed quietly by her unselfish generosity. She gave endlessly of her time and talents to the social side of the Republican Movement and did all that was humanly possible in this area, especially for the prisoners who held a special place in her heart, for the wellfare of their dependants and for Green Cross. Kathleen also worked and donated her talents for the Comfort of Cancer Patients, the desease from which she herself was to meet her untimely death on February the Ninth 1979.

The name of Kathleen Largey Thompson became a household word in the Republican homes of Belfast and indeed the whole of Ireland. Accepting no financial reward for herself, Kathleen was, and still is, shining example for all Republicans.

During a few short years in America Kathleen was acclaimed by the American Press as a singer of great potential and referred to with respect and admiration as The Singing Thrush Fame and Fortune were undoubtedly hers for the taking but this was not to be as Kathleen had decided to return to her native Belfast.

On returning home she soon joined Cumann na mbán and The National Graves Association where once again she applied her, seemingly endless, energy to the benefit of these two Branches. There was yet an other side to this amazing young woman, she was a loving wife and mother and one could not help but be affected by the love and tranquility in her home. Words fail to capture the essence of this young Patriot, but when the final page of History is written the name and life of Kathleen Largey Thompson shall be spoken of among our children's children.

A special thanks to all those who helped in the production of this album. The nameless also serve.