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Kathleen Largey Thompson   •   The Price of Justice

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  • The Price of Justice
    • 1975 - Green Cross GC 002 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Ireland Live On
    2. Patriot Game (D. Behan)
    3. Freedom Walk (P. McGuigan)
    4. Price of Justice
    5. Where Is The Man (Billy McBurney)
    6. Boys Of The Old Brigade (Paddy McGuigan)
  • Side Two
    1. Our Lads In Crumlin Jail (D. Gilespie)
    2. Michael Gaugan (Robinson)
    3. Snipers Promise (McCann)
    4. The Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter)
    5. Kerry (Trad. Arr. P. McGuigan)
    6. Only Our Rivers Run Free (McConnell)

  • Credits
    • Producer: Dermot O'Brien & Paddy McGuigan
    • Recorded at Trend International Studios, July 1975
    • Engineers: Fred Meijer & Paul Waldron
    • Sleeve Design & Artwork: Jim Palmer

Sleeve Notes

When in 1916 Yeats wrote "a terrible beauty is born" he summed up in a few words the poetry of a nation's birth, the resolve of a People to be free.

The music and lyrics on this record carry the seeds of Freedom and will inspire those who listen.

Perhaps the listener will hear the beat of war drums. The beat which banishes fear and instills courage and determination into young Irish minds and hearts. They waged war incessantly and vigorously but alas in many cases the war led to the untimely death of countless Irish Freedom Fighters.

It is a story of an heroic struggle. No sacrifice for them was too great. No burden was too heavy. No price was too high.

The splendour of that terrible and violent beauty is alive today in the hearts of all those who love Justice. The cold cruel barb wire of the Concentration Camp or the grey wall of a prison cell will never extinguish that Love.

What price Justice? Blood on the street and Ireland's youth in the grave?

We will have Justice no matter what price!

To properly interpret the songs of the Republic requires a great love for Ireland and the Irish People.

No singer in our history has ever loved Ireland more than the beloved of the Irish people … Kathleen Largey Thompson.

This is a collection of the songs which Kathleen loves to sing.

Listen now to the songs of Ireland. The songs of Kathleen Largey Thompson

The Price Of Justice