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The Jolly Tinkermen   •   Irish and Proud of It (UK)

  • Irish and Proud of It
    • 1968 - Page One FOR 013 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Kilgarry Mountain
    2. Kerry Recruit
    3. Dobbins Flowery Vales
    4. Creggan White Hare
    5. Lowlands Of Holland
    6. Factory Girl
  • Side Two
    1. Big Strong Man
    2. Beauty Of Limerick
    3. Captain Freeny
    4. Hi For The Beggar Man
    5. Rockin' The Cradle
    6. The Nightingale

  • Credits
    • Produced for Page One Records by Leslie Mann
    • Cover Front Photo: Stanley Matchett

Sleeve Notes

Without a doubt The Jolly Tinkermen are the best folk group in Ireland right now. You only have to listen to this, their first L.P. and there will be no doubt in your mind. The lead singer in the group is Seán Dynes, a tall bearded young man from Dungannon, Norman Hobson plays the fiddle, Pat McDonald smiles and strums the strings and Seán McCluskey strums but only smiles on occasions. He smiled a lot when this L.P. was recorded because the boys are professional in their approach to the business of making good music — and besides, we were out of the recording studios before the 'pubs' closed.