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Chris Henshaw   •   The Irish Troubadour

  • The Irish Troubadour
    • 1973 - Rex Heritage 791 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Merry Plowboy
    2. Streets of London
    3. The Piddlin' Pup
    4. Whiskey on a Sunday
    5. Liverpool Lu
    6. Seán South of Garryowen
    7. Mucky Kid
  • Side Two
    1. There'll Have To Be An End To It Someday
    2. MTA
    3. My Only Son Was Shot In Dublin
    4. Bridget McGrath
    5. Traveling People
    6. O'Donoghue
    7. This Land Is Your Land

  • Credits
    • Advisor: Butch Moore
    • Photography: Ross Nye
    • Cover Design: Christine Forman

Sleeve Notes


Chris Henshaw's vocal style and humorous adaptations have made him a very popular and interesting entertainer. This Dublin born, rugged, casual individual spent two years touring with the USO and has given numerous concerts in Ireland. He has entertained in Boston, Chicago and Madison Square Garden in New York and is currently successfully touring the New England circuit.

If you like Irish Music and a bit of Irish humor in song, then you must be a Chris Henshaw fan. This album highlights some of Chris' most frequently requested songs. After hearing it, you'll know why his popularity is growing daily.

Butch Moore