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Roy Guest   •   Cockney Party!

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  • Cockney Party!
    • 1965 - Society SOC 1008 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Amateur Whitewasher
    2. Weepin' Willer
    3. Barsted King of England
    4. Pretty little Polly Perkins
    5. Your baby has gone down the Plug Hole
    6. Stanley and Dora
  • Side Two
    1. Charleston
    2. Henery the Eighth
    3. Vilikins and his Dinah
    4. With the end of me old cigar
    5. She was poor but she was honest
    6. Charlie Mopps
    7. Botany Bay Medley

  • Musicians
    • with ROY GUEST as host,
    • a Famous Gentleman on pyaner, his rhythm boys on bass, banjo and guitar and sundry others supporting
  • Notes
    • Apparently, this is the first album on which Dave Cousins, of the Strawbs, ever played.

Sleeve Notes

Roy Guest has for many years been a wanderer, throughout Europe and America, pursuing, as a hobby, old songs and folk songs. The songs on this album date from the end of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Everyone likes a party, or at least everyone we know, does, and no one enjoys it more than the Cockneys.

Traditionally a Cockney is someone from within the sound of the bells of Bow Church. They haven't sounded for some time since a bomb fell on the church but in actual fact almost anyone from the East End of London, between the wars, would have been proud to hear the clamour.

The pubs in the East End of London have had a tradition of entertainment for the last century or more. We present here a party as it might occur in any East End pub. All the songs are old ones except Stanley and Dora which is a product of the present folk revival and very amusing.

So, join in and sing. I assure you that no one will know, or care, if you are out of tune or even singing the wrong song.