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Dave Guard   •   Up & In

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  • Up & In
    • 1989 - Ball Bearing Records NR 18166 (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. They Love The Night
    2. Emily Remembers
    3. Sunshine Boys
    4. I'm Livin' On Easy
    5. Scotch And Soda
    6. South Coast
    7. Sing At The Wheel
    8. The Mary Ellen Carter
    9. The Saucy Sailor Lad
    10. For My Fantastic Friend
    11. Zombie Jamboree
    12. Nucalypso

  • Music performed by
    • Dave Guard: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Tiple, Electric & Acoustic Banjos, 12-String Acoustic Guitar
    • Amanda Capezuto: Synthesizers, Background Vocals, Drum Programming
    • Steve Holley: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
    • Catherine Guard Shinneman: Principal Vocal Accompaniments
    • Jim Gregory: Electric Bass
    • George Recile: Percussion
    • Peter Klimes: Electric Lead Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
    • Kevin Garant: Guitar & Guitar Synthesizer
    • Mark Dufault: Harmonica
    • Peter Wetzler: Accordian, Synthesizer
    • Tommy Makem: Tin Whistle
    • Mark Johnson: Background Vocals & Harmonies
    • George Gerdes: Background Vocals
    • Rick & Ron Shaw: Background Vocals & Harmonies
    • Terre Roche: Background Vocals
    • Michael Cardoza: Synthesizer
    • Chris Higgins: Drum Programming
    • Emily Craig: Sampled Voice
  • Credits
    • Executive Producer: Kevin Garant
    • Harmonic & Contrapuntal Arrangements: Dave Guard
    • Synthesizer Sound Designs: Kevin Garant
    • Recording Engineers: Peter Millius & Dana Becker
    • Recorded at Transcom Digital Studios, NYC, & Boston Film & Video Foundation.
    • Hard disk mixing technology by Peter Roos
    • Original digital master tape processed by Coherence Industries, La Jolla, CA, for increased accuracy in sound reproduction
    • Fundamental acoustic conditioning by 201-B Hemi-sync synthesizer
    • Taped on SONY 3324 recorder via SSL mixing console
    • Principal synthesizers; Syndavier & Roland D-50
    • Mastered by George Ingram at Nashville Record Productions, Inc.
    • Front cover illustration: Eddie Lee
    • Rack cover logo design: Dave Guard
    • Graphic design: Henry Mandell
    • Color separations: Digital Photo, Van Nuys, CA
    • Special Thanks to: Rod McKnew, Guy Jones, Allan Shaw, Sarah Scott, Robert Mandell, Michael Salafia, Richard Choy, Judy Davis, Mark Lindahl, Phil Petillo & Theresa Xu.
    • Musical Pantheon: Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Joseph Fux, Gabby Pahinui, George Russell, Pete Seeger, The Beatles, David Wheat, ABBA, Louis Gottlieb, Mongo Santamaria & Harry Partch.
    • This album is lovingly dedicated to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.