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The Clydesiders   •   A Touch of the Clydesiders

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  • A Touch of the Clydesiders
    • 1981 - Lochshore (Klub) LOCLP 1001 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. McPherson's Rant
    2. That Land I Love So Well (T. Makem)
    3. Fiddlers Choice
    4. Loch Lomond
    5. Wee China Pig (E. Bogle)
    6. Paddy Kelly's Brew (T. Makem)
    7. Home Boys Home
  • Side Two
    1. Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede (M. McGinn)
    2. I Hae Seen The Heilans (M. McGinn)
    3. Ramblin' Boy (T. Paxton)
    4. The Ballad Of Jesse James
    5. Always Argyll (D. McCrone/J. Jamieson)
    6. Morsheen Dorken
    7. Scotland's Jim Watt (J. Brown)

  • The Clydesiders:
    • Sandy Kelso: Guitar, Vocals
    • John Graham: Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
    • Tommy Lyon: 12 String Guitar, Vocals
    • Dave Whitton: Mandolin, Boran
  • Musicians
    • E. Barrow: Drums (Side 1, Tracks 1 & 7)
    • Duncan Findlay: Banjo, Electric Guitar
  • Credits
    • Produced by Black Gold Record Productions Ltd.
    • Photography & Sleeve Design: Gavin McNae
    • All Track Trad., Arr. Clydesiders — unless otherwise noted

Sleeve Notes

A touch of the Clydesiders displays their infectious happy songs. Those familiar with their music from TV, Radio, Theatre and Cabaret will recognise the energy and vitality which are the trademarks of these popular Scottish entertainers. The humour and lightheartedness, so characteristic of Scotland's people are captured in songs like the "Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede" and Eric Bogle's "Wee China Pig".

Also displayed is the deep pride which Scots feel when singing about their own native land.

Matt McGinn's "I Hae Seen the Heilans" and McCrone & Jamieson's "Always Argyll" illustrate this feeling admirably.

"Jim Watt", World Boxing Champion extraordinaire, written by another of Scotland's top songwriters — Jim Brown — shows the brash but tongue in cheek aspect of Scotland's character.

The Clydesiders are all of these things, proud, brash, and humorous, and their LP captures this unique flavour.