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The Buskers   •   The Life Of A Man

  • The Life Of A Man
    • 1973 - RUB 007 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Mary McMahon, Drowsy Maggie
    2. Life Of A Man
    3. Pretty Susan, The Pride Of Kildare
    4. Piper On The Hob, Bill Hearts
    5. The Beggarman
    6. Off To Sea Once More
    7. Fahye's No. 1, Humours Of Tulla
  • Side Two
    1. Lord Of The Dance
    2. Banish Misfortune
    3. Night Visiting Song
    4. Job Of Journeywork
    5. Spancill Hill
    6. New York Girls
    7. Jack In The Fog, The Yellow Tinker

  • The Buskers
    • Paul Furey: Vocals, Button Accordion, Whistle, Spoons and Bass Drum
    • Davey Arthur: Vocals, Tenor Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar
    • Brendan Leeson: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin and Spoons
  • Musicians
    • Ian Fairbairn: Fiddle
  • Credits
    • Produced and Engineered by Geoff Heslop and David Wood
    • Photography by Roger Wilson
    • Sleeve by George Mawson
    • Recorded at Impulse Studios, Wallsend
    • Issued by Mawson And Wareham (Music) Ltd.