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  • Irish Memories
    • 1993 - K-TEL 3177-2 CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Molly Malone (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — The Band Of 'Dubs'
    2. The Rocky Road to Dublin & Within A Mile of Dublin (Trad. Arr. Dubliners) — The Dubliners
    3. Easy and Slow (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Jim McCann
    4. Spanish Lady (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Paddy Reilly
    5. Biddy Mulligan (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Brendan Grace
    6. Rare Ould Times (St. John) — The Dubliners
    7. St. Laurence O'Toole (Furey) — The Fureys & Davey Arthur
    8. Dublin – My Dublin (Reilly) — Paddy Reilly
    9. Ringsend Rose (St. John) — Brendan Grace
    10. Raglan Road (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Jim McCann
    11. Dublin Saunter (Waltons) — Paddy Reilly
    12. Night Ferry (Jones, Furey) — The Fureys & Davey Arthur
    13. Dublin Town (Flynn) — Brendan Grace
    14. The Foggy Dew (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Jim McCann
    15. The Auld Triangle (Behan) — The Dubliners
    16. Summer in Dublin (Reilly) — Jim McCann
    17. Anna Liffey (O'Brien) — The Dubliners
    18. Dublin In My Tears (Phelan) — The Fureys & Davey Arthur
    19. The Rocky Road to Dublin (Trad. Arr. Whelan) — Paddy Reilly
    20. Jem (McGee) — Ronnie Drew
    21. Dublin – Take Me (Noakes) — The Fureys & Davey Arthur

  • Credits
    • Produced & Arranged by Bill Whelan
    • Engineer: Philip Begley
    • Additional Engineering: Andrew Boland
    • Recorded at Lansdowne, Westland & Windmill 3 Studios, Dublin
    • Art Direction by Brian Janni
    • Special Thanks To: Avril McRory, Catherine Considine, John Davis, David Brown, Deirdre Costello, Irene Keogh, Grace Perrott, All the Artists & Managements

Sleeve Notes

THE DUBLINERS — For many people The Dubliners are the true symbol of Dublin. Through their humour and song over the last 25 years, they have given Dublin and its music, a special place in the hearts of the people of Ireland. They have spread the city's fame and songs to all corners of the Universe.

THE FUREYS & DAVEY ARTHUR — This band of Balladeers have enthralled audiences worldwide. Their distinctive musical style is indicative of the love they hold for traditional Irish music. For the Fureys & Davey Arthur, Dublin is their city and heritage.

BRENDAN GRACE — Brendan is a true Son of Dublin. He hails from the Liberties, which by definition is the home of a 'True Dubliner'. Undoubtedly, this 'Dub' is one of Ireland's best loved performers, blending his own special brand of humour to a distinctive vocal style.

JIM McCANN — Another true Son of Dublin, whose musical career has seen success with the Ludlows and more recently with the Dubliners. This superb singer has achieved his greatest success as a solo artist whose interpretation of Irish songs has been widely acclaimed.

PADDY REILLY — Born in Rathcoole, on the outer suburbs of Dublin city, this unique artist has the distinction of having one of his singles, “The Fields of Athenry” in the Irish charts for 67 weeks. Again, Paddy Reilly's success is international.

THE BAND OF 'DUBS' — Ireland's finest musicians have come together to celebrate the 1,000th birthday of their nation's capital city in song. To this end, many thanks for the enthusiasm and musical dedication which made this unique assembly possible. Well done lads and lassies!