Anthologies   •   Songs Of The Working People — From the American Revolution to the Civil War

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  • Songs Of The Working People — From the American Revolution to the Civil War
    • 1988 - Flying Fish 483 LP (USA)
  • Side One
    1. Free Amerikay (Trad. Add'l Verses: D. Arkin) & Jefferson and Liberty (Trad. New Verse: Earl Robinson) — Chorus: Earl, Pete
    2. Bennington Rifles (Trad.) — Pete
    3. Greenland Fisheries (Trad.) — Ronnie, Chet, Pete and Chorus
    4. Buffalo Skinners (Trad.) — Alan
    5. Step by Step (Trad., New Melody: E. Robinson) — Ronnie, Chet, Earl
    6. John Henry (Trad. Arr. & Lyrics: E Robinson, A Lomax) — Odetta and Ronnie
  • Side Two
    1. No Irish Need Apply (Trad. Add'l Lyrics: T. Makem) — Tommy and Chorus
    2. Life is a Toil (Trad.) — Ronnie, Lorin
    3. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd (Trad. Arr. & Add'l Tune: E. Robinson) — Chet, Mama Pat, Michelle
    4. No More Auction Block (Trad. Arr. & Add'l Lyrics: A. Lomax, E. Robinson) — Chet, Mama Pat, Michelle & Chorus
    5. Jimmy Crack Corn (Trad.) — Earl, Mama Pat, Michelle
    6. The Farmer is the One (Arr. P. Seeger) — Steve with Bill
    7. Seneca Canoe Song (Trad. Speech Chief Seattle, Arr. & Narrated: E. Robinson) — Earl, Narrator and Chorus

  • Musicians
    • Vocals:
      • Pete Seeger, Ronnie Gilbert, Odetta, Alan Lomax, Chet Washington, Tommy Makem, Steve Stanne, Earl Robinson, Mama Pat and Michelle Bayard
        • Assisted by Lorin Grean, Bill Griffin
        • Additional Solo and Choral: Mama Pat and Michelle Bayard
        • The chorus utilizes at various times nearly every person in the cast above.
    • Instrumentation:
      • Earl Robinson: Piano, Harpsichord
      • Pete Seeger: Banjo
      • Randy Cobb: Acoustic And Electric Guitar
      • Dominique Camardella: Organ
      • Dennis Fetchet: Fiddle Lorin Grean: Recorder
      • Bill Griffin: Nylon String Mandolin
      • Mitch Kashmir: Harmonica Randy Tico: Bass
      • Mike Shapiro: Drums, Percussion
      • Katryn Price: Hammered Dulcimer
      • Perry Robinson: Clarinet
      • Steve Stanne: Dobro
  • Credits
    • Production & Arrangements: Earl Robinson
    • Executive Producer: Richard Bullock
    • Basic tracks recorded at Sound Ideas, NYC.
    • Co-producer: Bob Golden, Engineer: Jim Anderson
    • Co-production, arranged and mixed by Dan Protheroe at Santa Barbara Sound, Santa Barbara, CA
    • Cover illustration: Mick Wiggins
    • Cover concept: James McCaffery
    • Art direction: Jennifer Berman
    • Angel: Jessie Lloyd O'Connor