Anthologies   •   Sing Out For America

  • Sing Out For America
    • 1988 - FOL2063D CD (USA)
  • Tracklist:
    1. I'm the Man — The Shaw Brothers
    2. Gundalow Song, The — The Shaw Brothers
    3. Ah Woe, Ah Me — The Shaw Brothers
    4. Day the Tall Ships Came, The — The Shaw Brothers
    5. Early Riser Robbie O'Connell
    6. Kilkelly — Robbie O'Connell
    7. You're Not Irish — Robbie O'Connell
    8. Place in the Choir — The White Mountain Singers
    9. Pamela Brown — The White Mountain Singers
    10. Memories — The White Mountain Singers
    11. Drunken Sailor — The White Mountain Singers
    12. Seven Daffodils — The Shaw Brothers
    13. Booted in Boston — The White Mountain Singers
    14. Valporiso — Northeast Winds

  • Musicians
    • The Shaw Brothers
    • Robbie O'Connell
    • The White Mountain Singers
    • Northeast Winds
  • Credits
    • Produced By Steve Fiott
    • Executive Producers: Allan Shaw, Steve Fiott for Folk Era Productions Inc.
    • Recorded live at Theatre By The Sea, Portsmouth, N.H., in June, 1988, on the Sony PCM 2500
    • Professional D.A.T. Recorder.
    • Recording Engineer: Toby Mountain, Northeastern Digital Recording
    • Editing: Steve Fiott, Toby Mountain
    • Graphic Design: Ron's Art Unlimited, Nashua, N.H.
    • Photography: Frank Shelly, Terry Behling
    • Special Thanks:
      • NANCY BECK for her help and support
      • TERRY for his driving; FRANK for his taking the time
      • CHARLIE TURNER for the excellent sound
      • TONY for the lights
      • TOM BARTLETT for the great video work
      • The New England folk fans for their support and enthusiasm

Sleeve Notes

Portsmouth, New Hampshire has always been one of New England's cultural centers, but the evenings of June 23rd and 24th, 1988 were destined to become very special! At the THEATRE BY THE SEA, located just across the river from Maine on the beautiful Atlantic seacoast, four of FOLK ERA'S top acts gathered to film a pilot for a proposed television series with the working title, SING OUT AMERICA! NORTHEAST WINDS, ROBBIE O'CONNELL, THE SHAW BROTHERS and THE WHITE MOUNTAIN SINGERS would all be performing together as a unit for the first time as THE FOLK ERA CONCERT SERIES. The concerts were also being recorded direct to digital on a professional D.A.T. recorder, and the result is the compact disc you now have in your hands.

This is a very special album, for it demonstrates the versatility and enthusiasm that a FOLK ERA CONCERT provides. There are the beautiful ballads like Robbie's KILKELLY, the Shaw Brothers' THE GUNDALOWSONG, and SEVEN DAFFODILS, and the White Mountain Singers' MEMORIES, and funny songs like the Shaws' AH WOE, AH ME, and the White Mountain Singers' PAMELA BROWN. But the show stoppers are the songs where the crowd really got involved. The Shaws' I'M THE MAN and Northeast Winds' VALPORISO. Robbie's YOU'RE NOT IRISH and the White Mountain Singers' DRUNKEN SAILOR, PLACE IN THE CHOIR and BOOTED IN BOSTON will have you singing and clapping along, just as the crowds were on those special evenings. Fortunately, you're in a position to repeat these great performances time and time again. front row center!