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  • Smash Internment
    • 1972 - R & O Records ROL 3002 LP (IRL)
  • Side One
    1. Thoughts of Solitude (Gilligan)
    2. Free the People (Coulter, Martin) — The Jolly Tinker Men
    3. The Patriot Game (Behan) — John McGeary
    4. Oro Se Do Bheatha (Gilligan) — The Internees
    5. Instrumental Selection (Arr. Loughran) — Loughran Sisters
    6. Tones Grave (Patterson) — Philomena Begley
    7. Easter Prophecy (Pearse) — Seamus Bradley
  • Side Two
    1. Miltown Malbay (Gilligan) — Fr. Barney McAleer
    2. Bright Silvery Light (Patterson) — Fr. Barney McAleer
    3. Medley (Arr. Lynch Family) — The Lynch Family
    4. Biddy McGra (Gilligan) — Conor Patrick
    5. We Shall Overcome (Horton) — The Internees
    6. The Boys of The Old Brigade (McGuigan) — The Internees

  • Credits
    • Live recording in Long Kesh
    • Produced by R & O Records (Ireland)

Sleeve Notes

This record has been made from tapes, which were recorded and smuggled out of "Long Kesh" Britain's largest interment camp in Northern Ireland.

The Artistes are among the best in Ireland. Not only that but week after week they have given their services free in order to raise funds to help the dependants of those so unjustly imprisoned.

The Concert took place in a corrugated iron hut. The 'captive' audience numbered over one hundred. At the time of the recording they had already been interned for some months but their wonderful spirit—that unconquered and unconquerable spirit of the Irish people— can be heard in their laughter, in their applause and in their magnificent rendering of "The Boys of The Old Brigade"—the Internees Anthem. It is this spirit prevailing through the recording which makes this record unique.

Now lean back, close your eyes, picture in your mind a 'nissen' hut packed with some of Ireland's finest sons—as young as 17—as old as 75. This was the first break in their solitude. The Artistes are welcomed with such fervor. The atmosphere is electric with emotion—for Artistes as well as audience. The concert begins…

The Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act (Northern Ireland) 1922.
This is the measure which involves the United Kingdom derogating from the obligations imposed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

  • It allows the Stormont Government:
    1. to intern without trial,
    2. to suspend any or all of the basic liberties - from habeas corpus to freedom of the Press,
    3. to arrest and detain on suspicion only,
    4. to search people or buildings without warrant,
    5. to restrict movement,
    6. to reverse the onus of proof.
    7. to dispense with the holding of inquests.

Over 1,000 people are now detained or interned in Northern Ireland without charge or trial under authority of this legislation.

All proceeds of this record are donated for relief work to the Tyrone Co-ordinating Relief Committee.

"If you want PEACE, you must first strive for JUSTICE."