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  • Folk Favourites
    • 1970 - Contour 6870 636 LP (UK)
  • Side Two
    1. (From) Both Sides Now (Mitchell) — Julie Felix
    2. Gentle on My Mind (Hartford) — Wally Whyton
    3. Whiskey in the Jar (Trad. Arr. Murphy) — Noel Murphy
    4. Nasty Spider (Taylor) — Jeremy Taylor and Sydney Carter
    5. Brennan on the Moor (Trad. Arr. Mcpeake) — The McPeakes: from Irish Folk! (1964)
    6. Liverpool Lullaby (Kelley) — Jacqueline and Bridie

Sleeve Notes

The enormous variety of songs and singing styles that combine to make Folk Music is amply illustrated in this enjoyable collection of favourites, old and new.

What could be more diverse than the gentle flow of the well-known English traditional song "Scarborough Fair" on the first side, and the rawness of the Irish drinking song "Whiskey in the Jar" on side two? Yet both songs still remain well within the bounds of folk music, and show only two of the many influences and origins that go to make up the whole field.

Apart from other traditional material such as "A-roving" and "Brennan on the moor", there are examples of recently written numbers which, through their association with the performers', or the composers', own backgrounds, have become accepted as folk songs, and yet are also in the pop category. For example, "From both sides now" sung here by Julie Felix, was written by Joni Mitchell, and "Gentle on my mind" sung here by Wally Whyton, was written by John Hartford, a country singer from Nashville. The U.S. and country connections with folk music are further illustrated by "Dark as a dungeon", written by Merle Travis, and "Corrie Doon" - a composition by Matt McGinn, a well-known West Coast folk writer and singer.

Many of the artists on this LP will be familiar to you through their radio and television appearances and, of course, their records; while others have been on the folk scene for a long time, appearing at clubs and concerts. With groups such as The Spinners and The Corries, solo singers like Martin Carthy and Noel Murphy, and the famous Scottish duo of Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor, plus all the other singers and songs, you have a veritable feast of Folk Favourites.

Nevil Skrimshire