Iain MacKintosh

Iain MacKintosh: Gentle Persuasion


  • Gentle Persuasion
    • 1988 - Greentrax TRAX 014 LP
  • Side One
    1. Tomorrow, You're Gone (Christine Lavin)
    2. Uncle Walter (Tom Gala)
    3. Run the Film Backwards (Sydney Carter)
    4. My Old Man (Steve Goodman)
    5. It's So Easy To Dream (Bob Frankie)
    6. When I'm Gone (Phil Ochs)
    7. The January Man (Dave Goulder)
  • Side Two
    1. The Farm Auction (Enoch Kent)
    2. The Wheelchair Talking Blues (Fred Small)
    3. The Song of the Pineapple Rag (Bob Blue/Iain MacKintosh)
    4. First You Lose the Rhyming (Harvey Andrews)
    5. Waltzing Around in the Nude (Dick McCormack)
    6. Five Ways to Kill a Man (Edwin Brock/Iain MacKintosh)

  • Musicians
    • Iain MacKintosh: vocals, banjo, concertina and electronic pipes
    • Brian McNeill: guitar, fiddle, concertina and backing vocals
    • Alan Reid: keyboards and backing vocals
  • Credits
    • Recorded & Mixed at Pier House Studios
    • Engineer: Pete Haigh