Ray Fisher


image  Ray Fisher (November 26, 1940-August, 31, 2011) continued to sing and research traditional material, after the professional split with Archie (see Ray & Archie), often adapting, or writing additional verses to, existing songs. Never fond of the studio, she managed to avoid recording her solo debut until 1972, with The Bonny Bird, produced by Ashley Hutchings. Two more solo albums followed, Willies Lady in 1982 and Traditional Songs of Scotland, emerged quietly in 1991.

Alongside the passion of her singing, Ray also had a gift for making people laugh, with witty comments and the odd silly song. She was a committed anti-nuclear campaigner, taking part in the marches in protest at the presence of US nuclear submarines at Holy Loch.

She fell ill in 2005 but was eventually able to resume her singing, her voice as strong, fine and passionate as ever, and she was greeted warmly at festivals and clubs. In 2008, the English Folk Dance and Song Society awarded Ray its gold badge, its highest honour, for her services to traditional song. Ray Fisher died of cancer on August 11, 2011, at the age of 70.