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  • Up With The Irish — The Leprechauns at the Jolly Roger
    • 1981 - GRC 7309 LP
  • Side One
    1. Wee Willie
    2. Jig-A-Jig
    3. The Wild Rover
    4. Tom Dooley
    5. Street's of London
    6. Apache
  • Side Two
    1. Big Strong Man
    2. Clare to Here
    3. Lord of the Dance
    4. The Black Velvet Band
    5. Scottish Medley

  • The Leprechauns
    • Dave Monks: Bass guitar, banjo & vocals
    • Harry Monks: Drums & vocals
    • Alex Bowers: Guitar, bass & vocals
    • Davy Starky: Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo & vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced and Enigineered by Nic Pickard at Revill Productions, Durban

Sleeve Notes

The President Holiday Inn is indeed proud to have hosted Leprechaun in our Jolly Roger Bar during the recording of their LP.

John Stroebd - Innkeeper

Leprechaun wish to thank the following:
John Stroebel: Innkeeper, President Holiday Inn
Marilyn Hilse: Jameson lrish Whiskey
1981 Wits Rag Committee and Drum Majorettes and all our friends and fans throughout South Africa